Steve Keer to coach the Knicks?

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Steve Keer to coach the Knicks?

Just read an article that Steve Kerr is expecting to be offered the Knicks head coaching position and he would accept it if offeresd. Since Phil Jackson is running basketball operations in New York now the connection between him and Phil is obvious since Phil coached Steve from 96-98 during the Bulls second three-peat run. Kerr doesn't have any head-coaching experience although he has played for 2 of the best head coaches of all time in Jackson and Gregg Popovich. I think Steve could be a good head coach although I feel like the Knicks need a disciplinarian to come in and reign in Stoudemire, Melo and JR Smithand I don't know if that's Steve's personality. It could be, I just am not sure. What do ou guys think? Is Kerr a good fit in New York?

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I have a feeling that Phil

I have a feeling that Phil will keep Woodson on for at least another year...Until he gets the type of roster he wants, then he'll take over the coaching......

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I think that Steve Kerr would be a very solid NBA head coach. His basketball knowledge is off of the charts, and I feel like he has the personality that can withstand egos (Jordan). I think that the Knicks will produce a revolutionary basketball culture, especially if they (Phil Jackson) can convince Carmelo to stay in New York.

There is no doubt in my mind that Steve Kerr can come in and coach these New York Knicks back into contention in the Eastern Conference. The only question I have is that if he does get offered the position, will he be able to have a team assembled for him that will set him up for success? Only time will tell.

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Good Decision

It's a good decision because Phil is the boss, and with his coaching background he's going to cast a shadow over whoever gets the job. Therefore a coach with an ego who wants to do things his way, just won't work.

Steve Kerr knows, and appreciates Phil's input whereas many others wouldn't. It's going to be a triangle offense so the incoming coach needs to believe in it.

I honestly think Melo is gone, so it's not the best job going around from a talent perspective. Next season will be a wash and they're relying on selling the free agency dream in 2015.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Smith or Felton get traded for expiring contracts so they can build an entire roster for 2015

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as A Knicks Supporter/Fan

I don't mind Steve Kerr coming in and implementing the triangle offense. I would be cool with Coach Woodson staying around as a Assistant Coach , the players respect him and he can be Defensive specialist coach. But I would get rid of the rest of the coaching staff while adding who ever Phil jackson and Kerr believe could help run their philosphy .

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Steve Kerr with no coaching

Steve Kerr with no coaching experience would be a risk for Phil to take especially in such a high profile role. The Knicks will really be looking for FA market 2015 when STAT, Bargs and to a lesser degree Chandler come off the cap.

I think we all assumed that Phil would pluck someone from his coaching tree who knew the triangle offence and would buy into Phil's ethos as it will be a Phil constructed team they will be coaching.

A lot will depend on what Phil decides to do with Melo but one name that came to mind was George Karl who never had a losing season with Melo in Denver. With Phil and George working together surely they could get the best out of Melo but I would wonder if Phil and George would be able to work together given all their experience and maybe differing methods. Also at nearly 63 years old would George want the pressure of such a high profile job.

Ironically George's replacement in Denver - Brian Shaw would have been the outstanding choice for Phil to have recruited given their Lakers association.

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