Stephen Holt for St Marys

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Stephen Holt for St Marys

I have been staying up always watching Late games. And I'm watching the St Marys Gonzaga game now. A kid that always catches my eye is this Holt kid. He's quick, has a good jump shot and he was a PG in high school they said. I Been watching there team over the past two years and he's been impressive.He's a JR I think. He could be a late first or Second round pick. He reminds me me of Steph Curry or OJ Mayo

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Steve Holt! (Arrested

Steve Holt! (Arrested Development reference anyone?)

I agree with you. Both times I've watched St. Mary's this year he's stuck out to me. I like his game

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Off Topic

Arrested Development was the greatest comedy show of all time. They are coming out with another season on netflix.

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He has a great game, still

He has a great game, still developing, will be a four year guy. One thing I know that will always suck with the WCC though is the referees, horrible inconsistent officiating down the stretch. At one point then weren't sure if a player fouled out or not.

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Filipino-American represent!

Filipino-American represent!

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I don't think he's an NBA

I don't think he's an NBA player. He's a 6'4'' two guard who is a nice role player in the WCC, but I don't think he's good enough at what he does to make it as a specialist in the NBA. Matthew Dellavedova is the best guy on that team, and I think he probably won't get drafted. No way Stephen Holt is a first rounder. He did have a nice game against the Zags last night, but this season, that kind of performance has been the exception, not the rule.

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