Steph curry and Klay Thompson

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Steph curry and Klay Thompson

I think we are looking at an extremely backcourt of shooters between these 2 guys. They are only going to better at their playmaking skills and overall knowledge of the game. I think a lot of players are going to want to team up with these 2 especially older vets who are looking to make a run. Mark Jackson has these guys playing with the utmost confidence and with the green light they are given its exciting to watch. Are we looking at future all stars between these two and if so how much can these 2 accomplish as far as can they make a champioship together

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These two wont do anything, unless Harrison Barnes becomes something special, and in my opinion he has been looking really good. Not just the playoffs but the whole season I've liked what I've been seeing. His 1on1 game is getting better and he's learning to post up, now I say this only because he is that SF that can attack the basket and another shooter who can also defend. He's the one Athletic player that will keep everyone from playing off so no one can sag off people. But I see Curry getting an Allstar vote next year, Thompson I don't ever seeing making an Allstar but it can be possible since some other guards are aging (Kobe).

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I am curious, what is an

I am curious, what is an "extremely backcourt of shooters"?

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i think

he forgot a word between extremely and backcourt. it doesn't make sense.

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Coach Mark Jackson just

Coach Mark Jackson just regarded them as the best shooting backcourt of all-time in an interview after their game 2 win. I honestly agree with this because these two players are hitting threes at a ridiculous pace. And the have perfect form on their shot, quick and accurate they will be scarier in the future unless injuries take a toll..

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Thompson goes 0-5 from deep

Thompson goes 0-5 from deep and 3-10 overall. This is my problem with the guy, he's wildly inconsistent in his efficiency, too streaky to be regarded as one of the best shooters in the NBA IMO.

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3-10 is that bad considering

3-10 is that bad considering the 0-5 from 3

3-5 on 2's is a good percentage.

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but 0-5 is a horrible

but 0-5 is a horrible percentage and leads to long rebounds and transition points. Poor shooting is poor shooting, especial when his three point shoot is what separates him as a player.

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