step away from the ledge it will be the long run

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step away from the ledge it will be the long run

To all my fellow jazz fans just calm down for a second or two. Yes our beloved team, one that we are use to see winning, is off to a historical start, for the wrong reason. We knew going in this was a year that would be based on silver linings, high lotto pick and the hopeful end of corbins coaching days in Utah. It is going to be a year of losses and development. While it is hard to see improved defense and development, the stated goals fir the season, it will come. I feel when Trey Burke comes back things will improve alot. Lets just say on his worst days, i'm bringing up summer league, he still played better than JL3 and Tinsley are playing now.

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Trey Burke better come in and average 15-7 or he is going to look like a complete bust. The Jazz picked him ahead of MCW and the way that MCW and the 76ers are playing right now and the way the Jazz are struggling the pressure is on Burke big time. But yeah I hope the Jazz core 5 develope the Jazz get the 2nd pick in the draft and pick Jabari Parker and then for the next 10-15 years depending on if the core can mesh and contracts the Jazz will be a mini-dynasty.............Burke, Burks, Hayward, Parker, Favors, Kanter.....and 6 veterans lol

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I have to admit, it's been

I have to admit, it's been hard to watch so far. I think at this point the goal should be to get a top three pick, hopefully the first pick in next years draft. At least Kanter and Hayward have been impressive so far, and we're yet to see what Trey Burke can do.

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No need to panic...

This is really the year to tank... some teams have tried pretty hard to suck unsuccessfully. If the Jazz can add a top 3 pick to this already young, talented core they will competetive for many years to come. I kind of wish the Cavs wouldn't of gone all out in free agency this off season so they could have a chance at a higher pick.

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They are 5 loses away from

They are 5 loses away from breaking the team record 0-11 to start a season, set by the 1974 New Orleans Jazz.....I expected the Jazz and 76'ers to be among the league's worst teams this season..But the difference between Philly and the Jazz is that Philly has been playing hard...

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The Jazz are exactly where

The Jazz are exactly where they need to be. I personally thought they would be a little better than what they are, but they should definitely want to finish the season 20-62 rather than 30-52. The Jazz are looking for that one extra piece and they are going to get it in the 2014 draft.

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They're not a playoff team,

They're not a playoff team, or even a team close to 500. That being said, 5 of their 7 games have been on the road and they played pretty tight on OKC in the opener and lost Houston at home too.

I think they'll beat Denver at home tomorrow. Utah this year isn't one of those historicly bad 10-15 win teams, they just need to find their identity without Millsap, Jefferson, and an actual point guard. Burke will be a help when he comes back too. If Utah wins 20 games, develops some chemistry with this young core and nabs a top 5 pick...then I'd say this has been a pretty successful year for them.

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Kanter has looked impressive

Kanter has looked impressive so far and Favours is near a double double, Hayward is averaging 19 ppg but the team are really struggling:-

30th in points scored - 87.7

17th in rebounds - 43.1

20th in points allowed - 100.7

26th in assists per game - 18

The scoring and assists stats jump out at you as the reasons for them being a 0-7 team, the other stats aren't great but they are late lottery team stats and the likes of Kanter and Favours can keep the defensive and rebound side ticking over but there is limited back up for them now even if Gobert looks a nice prospect.

Alex Burks offers backcourt scoring but isn't a creative PG. When Trey Burke returns then things might improve but to place your hopes on a 21 year old who has yet to play a competive NBA game is a lot to ask of Burke.

Luckily for the Jazz they look to have some nice pieces in place already so another high draft pick could propell them forward long term. Also they are quite a stable franchise who I would not imagine will make any rash moves - GM Dennis Lindsay comes from the Poppovich-Burford axis at the Spurs. Kevin O'Connor is still around to oversee things and Jerry Sloan is also in the background as an advisor. so that trio would be fairly certain to make the right draft pick I feel.

As regards Tyrone Corbin, I think that things need to pick up in due course or he may be under real pressure, I know that Burke is out and Jefferson and Millsap left but if the loss run hit double figures then questions may begin to be asked. Corbin was a long time assistant and knows the team well, having been there 9 years, the likes of Kevin O'Connor will have a lot of loyalty to him and he is only just under .500 as Head Coach. But that said from day one Ty was in a difficult situation as he replaced a legend and his best player - D-Will was traded straight away.

He was always known as one of the best Assistant coaches in the NBA when he was alongside Jerry Sloan but that could be just the problem, Ty might be better suited as being an excellent lead Assistant Coach.

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I hope the get a great pick.

I hope the get a great pick. They deserve a superstar. They haven't had one since the Stockton and Malone days. They've never had the top pick either. Hopefully their great fan base is rewarded with Wiggins or Parker.

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When is he expected to return?

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If I were you I would be

If I were you I would be happy at this point with the terrible start the Jazz have had. Tanking this year with how good the 2014 draft will be is not necessarily a bad thing at all. Imagine if you are able to have a lineup of 1) Burke 2) Wiggins 3) Hayward 4) Favors 5) Kanter that is a lineup that has a CRAPLOAD of potential.

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