A Stats video.

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A Stats video.

I'm not a stats guy. However I know a lot of users know every stat, and might find this video interesting. I actually found it a little bit confusing at first.

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That's actually pretty

That's actually pretty interesting. One thing that I would like to see is discounted stats. Just reduce stats achieved against worse teams and increase stats achieved against the better teams. You could use points per possessions allowed to rank teams by defense and then create a multiple based on how good their defense is.

For example, the Pacers allow 99 points per possession and since the league average is 104, all stats achieved against the Pacers would be increased by 104/99 or approximately 1.05 * the stat. As the video above states, you wouldn't want to do it to stats like blocks or steals.

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This video was a bit

This video was a bit disorienting to someone like myself who's not really into analytics, but it's definitely interesting. I watch all of bballbreakdown's stuff. He makes a lot of great videos breaking down NBA games, different offensive sets, etc.. You can really learn a lot from it. Everyone should definitely check his channel out if you haven't already!

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