Statistical analysis of Nba's best Center's

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Statistical analysis of Nba's best Center's

Here is my statistical analysis of the Nba's best Center';again using a formula of:ppg,rpg,apg,over a player's career:
1-Wilt Chamberlain-57.4-Who is the best Center of all time? It's hard to argue with Wilt.He averaged 30.1ppg,22.9rpg!,and 4.4apg.He also averaged 50.4ppg,and 27.2rpg for an entire season during 61-62,not to mention scoring 100 points in a game!!!!
2-Bill Russell-41.9
3-Kareem Abdul-Jabaar-39.4
4-George Mikan-39.3-The Nba's first superstar.
5-Shaquille O'Neal-38.5
6-Walt Bellamy-36.2
7-Alex Groza-35.6-Groza played only two season's in the early 50's,but they were two Spectacular seasons!
8-Akeem Olajuwon-35.6
9-Mel Daniels-35.1-One of the Aba's all-time greats!
10-Dave Cowens-35.0
11-Dan Issel-34.1
12-David Robinson-34.1
13-Moses Malone-33.9
14-Bob Mcadoo-33.8
15-Willis Reed-33.4
16-Artis Gilmore-33.4-Why is'nt Artis in the hall?
17-Bob Lanier-33.3
187-Neil Johnston-33.2
19-Patrick Ewing-32.7
20-Nate Thurmond-32.7
21-Brad Daugherty-32.0
22-Dwight Howard-31.2
23-Jeff Ruland-30.6
24-Yao Ming-30.0
25-Zelmo Beatty-29.5
26-Wes Unseld-28.7
27-Jack Sikma-28.6
28-Bill Walton-27.2
29-Joe Barry Carroll-27.2
30-Ralph Sampson-26.5
31-Alonzo Mourning-26.3
32-Emeka Okafor-25.6
33-Rony Seikaly-25.5
34-Elmore Smith-25.4
35-Alvan Adams-25.1
36-Larry Foust-25.2
37-Swen Nater-25.0
38-Robert Parish-24.9
39-Bill Laimbeer-24.6
40-Mehmet Okur-23.8
41-Sam Lacey-23.7
42-Ira Harge-23.6-Old Aba center
43-Zydraunus Ilgauskas-23.4
44-Steve Stipanovich-23.3
45-Vlade Divac-23.1
46-Andrew Bogut-23.1
47-Wayne Embry-23.0
48-Brad Miller-22.9
49-Dan Anderson-22.7-Aba center
50-Marcus Camby-22.4
50-Neal Walk-22.4
Please note that this is for entertainment purposes only!I am not saying that Ruland was better than Yao or whoever,this is purely a statistical breakdown of ppg,rpg,and apg for a player's career!!!!

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Dude, this just won't work.
You have to realize that
a) rebounds were super-inflated before the ABA merger (Elgin Baylor, all 6'5 of him, averaged 18rpg 2 straight years.)
b) competition was much weaker and thinner back in those days, so it's not really a fair comparison to go straight by the numbers.

Seems like you put a lot of work into that though.

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I think ch15 doesn't like it

I think ch15 doesn't like it because Dwight Howard isn't at the top lololol. I love messing with you man.

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Because we all know only stats can determine best player ever...

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I just...

...don't like any list that puts Alex Groza, Neil Johnston, Jeff Ruland and Zelmo Beatty as top-25 centers of all-time.

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