State Of The Suns

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State Of The Suns

The Phoenix Suns are in desperate need for a face of their franchise, I know that, you guys know that, and I'm sure David Stern knows that as With that being said, I feel like the Suns will get some help in the lottery, from the league, to land the #1 pick (Yes, I said it, I think the draft lottery is rigged)...Ben McLemore would be the ideal selection for the Suns, should such a scenario play out...Now the move I would follow after that, is to sign Tyreke Evans to a lucrative offer, the Kings would unlikely want to match...I would have Tyreke run the point, with the sharp shooting McLemore at the starting 2 guard spot, to spread the floor, to help Tyreke penetrate...So Dragic would come off the bench as their sixth man...A three guard rotation of McLemore, Tyreke, and Dragic could give the Suns the firepower they need to put points up...Would be the makings of a very fun exciting team, for years to come.

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I'm so tired of this the

I'm so tired of this the draft lotto is rigged shit

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Well if the Suns stay a 5th I

Well if the Suns stay a 5th I have them taking Gary Harris. I watched him a few times this year and really believe he'll end being the SG in the draft and possibly the best overall player. He is athletic , fantastic shooter, confident, defensive minded. He is really young only 18 and is a natural leader. I am surprised he isn't higher on draft boards.

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Nobody in this draft is a

Nobody in this draft is a franchise player.

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So explain all these turn of events: LeBron getting drafted by his homestate team, Detroit purposely letting Melo get selected by the Nuggets (David Stern wanted the Nuggets to have a player to sell tickets, so I feel he told the Pistons to purposely pass on Melo) Derrick Rose got drafted by his hometown team, after LeBron left the Cavs they got # 1 the next year, to replace him with a young superstar, in Kyrie Irving, after Chris Paul got traded from the Hornets, they got the #1 pick to select Anthony Davis...Nash left the Suns and Dwight Howard left the Magic, so watch the Suns get #1 and the Magic get #2, with the Bobcats getting #3...The NBA is a business at the end of the day, and David Stern wants competitive balance in the league, so he'll do what's necessary to assure that, even if it means rigging the draft lottery.

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But you could equally make

But you could equally make arguments of when the lottery wasn't rigged and it could of been

2007- Indiana fail to get hometown hero Greg Oden
2009- Oklahoma didn't win the lottery, when hometown star Blake Griffin was available
Utah have never won a lottery after losing players like Karl Malone and Deron Williams
Minnesota never won the lottery after losing KG

There are numerous more of these possible scenarios, what I am saying is whoever win's the lottery people find some conspiracy about it.

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I think all these lottery is

I think all these lottery is rigged scenarios are ridiculous.

But this 'Stern told Detroit to pass on Melo' thing is the stupidest thing I've heard on this forum.

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Pistons Purposely letting

(''Pistons Purposely letting Nuggets select Melo'')


Thats an Instant NBADRAFT.NET CLassic!!!!

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You've got to stay out of the crack houses man... it messing up your mind.

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Troll more please

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Rigged Draft

The past 12 Draft have show some sort of inside job, believe it or not there! These are some of the things you hear people say.

2001 - Washington Wizards: The return of Michael Jordan to the league and his impact he had on the Wizard landing the first pick.

2002 - Houston Rocket: Yao Ming a new look for the NBA and where else to send him but Houston, because "Houston we have a problem".

2003 - Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron James the hometown/state darling.

2004 - Orlando Magic: Southern Talent and Getting Dwight Howard in Disney Land.

2005 - Milwaukee Bucks: Even though, Chris Paul and Deron Williams was part of this class, Bogut was the so called number 1 pick.

2006 - Toronto Raptors: Hyped up over the hiring of BC being the GM of the team and randomly winning lottery.

2007 - Portland Trail Blazer: Boston Celtics should of won that pick but the organization would take a Championship over the first pick.

2008 - Chicago Bulls - Gets the first pick Derrick Rose Chicago native.

2009 - Los Angeles Clippers: NO proof of any involvement by the league, just look at the final standings.

2010 - Washington Wizard: Winning the Lottery, based on new ownership and a help by the league to secure some assurance for the purchase.

2011 - Cleveland Cavaliers: Lost Lebron James and a complete turn around for the Franchise. Also, the pick was the Clippers pick which Cleveland acquire in a trade. it was not Cleveland odds that got them the pick, they actually got the 4th pick. If Cleveland actually land the first pick with their personal odds that would of brought big time speculation

2012 - New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans: Basically the team was owner by the league at the time of the lottery. They were looking for new ownership simply as that

This goes back further, but 12 years is enough for some people.

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Can we stop this? Honestly,

Can we stop this? Honestly, if the bobcats won last years lottery it would've been "OMG ITS THE POSTER MAN OF THE NBA MICHEAL JORDAN, HE NEEDS ANTHONY DAVIS RIGGED RIGGED" Just stop it, the lottery is there to make things interesting, it's unique thing. I'm tired of fans butchering fun ideas and stuff because someone always doesn't get what they want.

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