Stastical analysis of nba's best shooting guard's

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Stastical analysis of nba's best shooting guard's

Here is my statistical analysis of the Nba's best shooting guards,using the formula of:ppg,rpg,and apg for the player's entire career:
1-Michael Jordan-41.6 No surprise here! Jordan averaged:30.1ppg,6.2rpg,and 5.3apg during an amazing career!
2-Kobe Bryant-35.5
3-Vince Carter-33.3
4-Adrian Dantley-33.0
5-George Gervin-33.0
6-Clyde Drexler-32.1
7-David Thompson-30.1
8-John Brisker-29.6-An old Aba star.
9-Brandon Roy-29.5
10-Geoff Petrie-29.2-Petrie played only six years and had to retire early.
11-Ray Allen-29.1
12-Mitch Richmond-28.4
13-Hal Greer-28.2
14-Larry Jones-27.7-Another old Aba star.
15-Laverne Tart-Good name!Old Aba star.
16-Lou Hudson-27.3-Why is'nt Lou in the Nba hall of fame?
17-Michael Redd-27.1
18-Bob Verga-27.0-Yet another old Aba star.
19-Jason Richardson-26.9
20-World B Free-26.9-A player who defined the term "Shooting guard"
21-George Carter-26.9-Yep,another Aba guy.
22-Latrell Sprewell-26.4
23-Jojo White-26.1
24-Darryl Carrier-26.0-Also,another Aba guy.
25-Donnie Freeman-25.9-You guessed it...Aba guy.
26-Joe Johnson-25.8
27-Earl Monroe-25.7
28-Walter Davis-25.7
29- Andre Iguodala-25.7
30-Jerry Stackhouse-25.5
31-George Thompson-25.5-Aba guy.
32-Sam Jones-25.1
33-Joe Caldwell-24.8
34-Bill Sharman-24.7
35-Rip Hamilton-24.6
36-Ron Boone-24.6
37-Ben Gordon-24.5
38-Doug Collins-24.4
39-Rolando Blackman-24.3
40-Jeff Mullins-24.3
41-Otis Birdson-24.2
42-Reggie Miller-24.2
43-Ralph Simpson-24.1-Aba guy.
44-Jeff Malone-24.0
45-Jerry Sloan-23.9
46-Phil Chenier-23.8
47-Dick Van Arsdale-23.8-Brother Tom was also an excellent Nba player.Other brother Harry never made it!
48-Corey Maggette-26.6
50-Larry Cannon-23.1-Aba guy.
I will be back with Small Forward's soon!

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Thats just offensive stats, it also doesn't account for the leagues competition for a particular players era.

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Alot of the guys on this

Alot of the guys on this list are forwards

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