Stanley "the rebounding machine" robinson

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Stanley "the rebounding machine" robinson

What do you guys think...I think stanley can end up somewhere in the end of the first round. he has had an amazing tourny and is a legit 6'9 SF, with some skills, he can be a nice 6th or 7th man off the bench who can give you something like 9ppg, 5 rb, 1 stl, 1 blk

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He looks a legit 6,8/6,9 and he has some very good hops. Maybe he could even play some 4 in the league if he works on his strength. He is somebody who will make the league as a 7th/8th man roation player who can rebound and play very good defense. If he ever develops a consistent outside/midrange jumper he could have a very solid pro career...Though, I would suggest that he stay for another year so he can work on his jumper. Kind of like what Terrance Williams did.

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Stanley "Sticks" Robinson

I think he has a lot of potential and hopefully he can come back to UConn for 1 more year, but i think he has to definitely add some muscle and weight to be effective on the NBA level. Right now he can get by with his elite athleticism but i think he can get stronger he can be an effective combo forward in the NBA.

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Come Back!!!

If he came back it would give him the time to develop extra skills, like a jumper. Also he could bulk up and with a strong senior campaign he would surely be a first round pick next year.

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he'd be a top 10 pick next

he'd be a top 10 pick next year cause he'll be the MAN... he'll finally live up to the hype outta high school in which he was forseen as a top 5 pick, about time...

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If only he had some sort of jumpshot he'd be a top 10 pick easily. But at this time with his current skill set, he'd be lucky to get picked late 1st round because there are too many athletic wing players for him to stand out. Athleticism can only get you so far, just look at gerald green, donte greene, deandre jordan, etc. Im not calling the ladder two busts just yet because they are still rookies, but they did drop down the draft because potential is eventually just a word. With all that being said,he still has another year to improve and UCONN and when he is on the floor, he plays hard. And once he makes it to the league, and if he decides to become al shut down wing defender, there will always be room for him on a team. Its just a question of whether he'll be a bench filler (i.e. green, greene, etc) or a key contributor with his length and althleticsm and defensiv mentality ( i.e. trevor ariza, tony allen, etc

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