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Stan Jeremy

SI Players Poll on the most annoying coach. All I have to say is, amen!

Players Overwhelmingly Cite Stan Van Gundy As Most Annoying Coach
Mar 15, 2011 6:04 PM EDT

NBA players overwhelmingly found the Orlando Magic's Stan Van Gundy the most annoying coach in the league, according to a recent Sports Illustrated poll of 138 players.

Here are the results:

Stan Van Gundy, Magic 65%
Phil Jackson, Lakers 7%
Scott Skiles, Bucks 7%
Avery Johnson, Nets 4%
Gregg Popovich, Spurs 3%

Via Sports Illustrated

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Skott Skiles ahead of Avery

Skott Skiles ahead of Avery Johnson?

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basically any coach who yells

basically any coach who yells and whines over every little detail. Players like freedom and thats one reason college coaches are rarely succesful in the nba becasue they try to micromanage too much. Phil and pop are also probably getting votes from players because they are maybe the 2 coaches who sometimes get more credit then players for team success and im sure the players dont like that.

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Phils is probably on it

Phils is probably on it because of how he calls out other players in the media. The Zen master lol

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