St. Johns watch out

D angelo harrison, jakarr sampson and obekpa. They will be really dangerous next year.

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Watch them beat ranked 20

Watch them beat ranked 20 Winsconsin the first game of the season.

Im calling it.

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I don't know about them

I don't know about them coming out and beating down top 20 teams off the bat but I do think they are a sleeper and I thing St.Johns will make the tournament. They have Rysheed Jordan who had just missed the Mcdonalds all american game and many people felt he was better than Athony "cat"Barber. They have Harrison,Jakarr Sampson. Chris Opekpa and God's Gift Achiuwa in the paint.Both are strong and alter shots in the lane. Opekpa was one of the nations leaders in blocked shots last season.They have two potent shooter one with the last name Hooper the other I can't seem to remember his name right now. Also have Juco transfer Orlando Sanchez who is an athletic Forward with a good feel out there on the floor. I don't think they will be ranked this year but I do see them winning more games than expected and at least making the tournament. They have the pieces to do so.

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Didn't they just almost lose

Didn't they just almost lose to a division 2 school in an exhibition game?
They have some talent but they seem to be a team who's whole is lesser than the sum of its parts. Yeah, they were young last yr but I think Lavin is a poor coach. They play with very little discipline and tact.

I am looking forward to watching R.Jordan play though. I think he has sneaky 1 and done potential because of his physical tools for his position.

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