St. John's Jakarr Sampson, D'Angelo Harrison and Rysheed Jordan

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St. John's Jakarr Sampson, D'Angelo Harrison and Rysheed Jordan

What do you think of this trio?

2014 Draft or 2015?

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Rysheed might want to worry

Rysheed might want to worry about being reinstated first...

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That's a shame he got

That's a shame he got suspended, I was looking forward to watching Rysheed play. I thought he looked great in the\preseason, then the real games came around and he just disappeared and now he has to earn his way back onto the team.

His tools for his position are really good and he does play with some poise but I think he'll have to wait until Harrison is gone to put his stamp on the team. He reminds me of Jrue Holiday with the way he plays. Under control and clever, nice little pull up game but a little more explosive at the cup. Good defensive potential as well.

Not crazy about the other Johnnies. Harrison's an undersized SG chucker. Sampson's a great athlete but he's old for his class and he's not all that skilled outside of a decent mid-range jumper. Maybe he could sneak into the first eventually, drafted more so off his tools and athleticism. If he declares this yr I'd probably have him somewhere near mid 2nd round.

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I think you guys

I think you guys forgot Chris Obekpa and Orlando Sanchez I think these two have a better chance at the NBA than D'Angelo Harrison.

We know about Obekpa and his elite shot blocking skills which is always valued in the NBA the negative on him is his raw offensive game but how many players have we seen with raw offensive games go to the NBA and fix their offensive games. Hes for sure undersized as a center with him only being 6'9 but his wingspan can make up for it.

Orlando Sanchez is a interesting prospect to me hes about 6'8 6'9 with a big body good shooting stroke and can actually handle the ball a little bit. I think he can be a 3 man if he works on his lateral quickness if not i think he can be a stretch 4. I think him being old is another knock but i think he can play in the NBA.

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