The Spurs will win again!!!

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The Spurs will win again!!!

with duncan getting some rest on his knees and manu resting i think this will be the last year these guys stay together even POP. you can never count these guys out. granted duncan only play 28 mins and give you 14 points and 8 rebounds while manu and TP gonna get buckets in the paint. what they need is jefferson to play like he did in Jersey dude was playing like an all-star. i like the draft pick. aka bruce bowen type without the corner 3. they just need to find another shooter (MICHEAL REDD) and a veteran back up point guard. Watch out for the spurs!!!

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i think they need a big man

i think they need a big man in there someone like a dwight or a pau gasol like when he came to lakers and helped them to get a championship duncan getn to old his playoff performance this year was one of the worst ive seen of him mcdyse old blair is to small bonner just shoots so hes easy to guard and splitter is not effective in the nba look at who they lost to the grizzlies zach randolph and marc gasol dominated the spurs big guys the spurs bigs none of them could guard those guys randolph was playing like kobe unstoppable this is a guy who failed in new york and his previous team was the clippers before blake cmon spurs i think r done

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