I've been watching a lot of Spurs games on league pass during this winning run, and I'm convinced that this has been Pop's best coaching job yet.

They are getting great production out of former misfits off the bench (Mills, Bellenelli, Diaw), allowing the veterans to play limited minutes and sit out games (Duncan, Manu, Parker) and they just put on a clinic of basketball fundamentals, especially passing both in and out of the post.

Aside from Leonard, they are probably the least athletic team in the league yet it doesn't matter.

They're my pick for this years championship.

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They do this every year to

They do this every year to the point where a twenty game win streak doesnt even get a post in this forum. Every year is Pops greatest coaching year in someones opinion lol. He is probally the best NBA Coach ever, he may not have been given the most gifted players of all time but if you show him the slightest talent and fundimentals he can turn you into a winner and a star with his system and development. If Miami was on a twenty game winning streak people would be calling them the best team ever.

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Tim Duncan

I definitely think Tim Duncan is one of the most gifted power forwards in NBA history to be quite honest. He's been in the league for seventeen years and still somehow manages to be in the MVP race every single season. That's more than talent there, that's coal forming into a diamond-studded hall of famer.'s picture
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Man the spurs system and

Man the spurs system and culture is all that any player in the league would be lucky to play for coach pop I truly love his system zipper zipper great offensive system

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I love the Spurs and wish

I love the Spurs and wish them the best. I think those guys deserve one more championship, they've been competing with the young guns for a long time and still keeping up. If they win this year it will be bittersweet because more than likely a few of the greats will retire.

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The Spurs look as strong as

The Spurs look as strong as ever and more often than not they are generally a better play off team than regular season team, so as for almost every year since about 1999 they have to be considered live contenders.

The interesting thing might be if the Spurs did win the title this year would Tim Duncan decide to opt out of next year and retire as a Champion like David Robinson did in 2003. Duncan has a player option for 2014/15 and I feel that would likely be his last season regardless even if he won this year and he played on.

Also Greg Poppovich is 65 years old now, so he will not go on forever and would he want to wait around and coach a rebuilding team if this team did disband in the next year or two.The Spurs have Ginobli off the books also in 2015 when I think he will likely retire so they would have cap space to rebuild then in a post Duncan era.

I could however see Poppovich taking an advisory/front office role at the Spurs if he did decide to leave the head coaching role and being there to assist Ric Burford and any new coach in the rebuilding.

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Pops is the best

I love how he gets on his stars, when they make a mistake or lack effort as if they were the 12th man. He gets on parker, ginobli and duncan more than i seen him get on anyone. That was the norm back then, but today if you yell at Paul George for shooting a 30 footer with 23 seconds on the shot clock up 1 point, you'll get fired.

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