Sports Jersey Question?

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Sports Jersey Question?

You know how when you are out somewhere you see people wearing sports jerseys? Do you ever pay attention to the teams/players that they are representing?

Well I live in Virginia and I saw this guy rocking a Mike Dunleavy jersey from when he was with Golden State. You know, the Navy with the lighting bolt (what was up with that shadowy guy on the logo?). So this struck me as being an odd jerey for someone to be wearing in VA. But also it struck me because it was a Mike Dunleavy jersey (no offense Dun-leasy). So I got to thinking that maybe some of you might have a funny story about seeing kind of an average or obscure player on someone's back?

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those old warriors uniforms

those old warriors uniforms were sweet.

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Away Baron Davis or Stephen Jackson jerseys were ill.

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There are actually quite a

There are actually quite a few Timofey Mozgov jerseys in NYC. Including shirts that parody of the OBEY-Bruno the Giant logo, but with Timofey's face in the middle.

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I've got a J.J. Redick Magic

I've got a J.J. Redick Magic jersey. J.J.'s not really an obscure player now that he's emerged in the league as a great scorer off the bench but I got it pretty early in his career when people were making jokes about him. I've also seen people rocking some Jonathan Bender jerseys before too. They might've just been a Pacers fan but it made me wonder why not Reggie, Jermaine O'Neal, or even Al Harrington? Just my two cents.

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Obscure jerseys are

Obscure jerseys are hilarious. I try to get as many as I can.
Not an NBA player, but I'm from Toronto and own a Brandon Weeden Cleveland Browns jersey.

Of course I still have by non obscure ones as well.. but I think obscurity when it comes to jerseys is awesome.

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I live in NC now

And I saw some guy rocking a Jeryl Sasser Magic jersey. I'm a Magic fan and except for this year I've always lived right outside of Florida. Yet for as long as I lived there, I had never seen someone wear a Sasser jersey; but the second I go to NC someone seems to have it. I just found that obscure and hysterical.

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I have a shirt with Adam

I have a shirt with Adam Morrisons face on it..

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I came across a Dan Dickau

I came across a Dan Dickau Atlanta Hawks

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Saw a greg oden jersey the

Saw a greg oden jersey the other day in MD...

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I have a sweet Salim

I have a sweet Salim Stoudamire Hawks jersey. That's the only basketball jersey I have, Football I'm still hanging on to some Steve McNair (RIP), Jevon Kearse and Eddie George Titans jerseys.

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So I live in Indiana. And

So I live in Indiana. And I'm a huge Arizona Cardinals fan because I had FitzGerald, Warner, and Boldin all on my fantasy team and really started liking the team and that was the year they ended up in the Super Bowl. So I got an Edgerin James Cardinals jersey, which was really obscure. But I grew out of it and Im still a fan and this year, I wanted to get another one for Christmas. And even though he's been inconsistent, I've like Kevin Kolb since he played for the Eagles. So my dad bought me a Kolb jersey for Christmas. Unfortunatel he got released before they even played another game, but that's ok. I'm now a kid in Indy wearing the jersey of the former mediocre quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals.

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I have a Shannon Brown Laker

I have a Shannon Brown Laker jersey and a Michael Beasley McDonalds AA jersey. Not as obscure but aside from my Wade/T-Macs, that's as obscure as I've got

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Also forgot to mention I had

Also forgot to mention I had a Dajuan Wagner rookie Cavs Home jersey

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