Sorry But I Have A Trade Idea

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Sorry But I Have A Trade Idea

I used to do this alot but I dont like to anymore but this idea has been floating around in my head for a while and i thought I would get some opinions on it.

Portland get:
Tyreke Evans
Franciso Garcia

Sac get:
Nicholas Batum

I understand that this would be a crazy trade, espcially since the Blazers just signed Batum to a nice deal but hear me out.

Why for Portland: Portalnd is at least a few years from being a good team again. They will be starting 2 rookies and will have a third playing major minutes. Also, they have 1 player that can consistantly create for himself, and he is a rookie (Lillard). Evans would fill a couple of needs for this team. He would provide some scoring puch, could do a lot of the ball handling so that a rookie isnt always running the show, and he could give the team an outside presence that they, unfairly, lost with Roy. They would slide Matthews to the 3 and run with it. I think that it would improve the team.

Why for Sac: They need to move away from Tyreke.. He was brought there to be the savior of the Kings and he did that for a minute. Clearly, this team now belongs to Cousins and rightly so. He has the promise to be one of the best bigs in the game.. You have to build around him. Batum is a perfect compliment player. He will fit great beside Thomas and Thornton and will do exactly what the Kings need; bring a defensive mindset. His abilty to defend the best guard on the othe team would be huge for the Kings. Also, he doesnt demand the ball much on offense but is very productive when he gets it Could help push the Kings into the playoffs and smooth the transition to Cousins being the man.

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I really like it for the

I really like it for the Kings, but I just don't think Evans is ever going to be on a winning team. I could honestly see this deal happening because Batum wasn't too thrilled about the Blazers matching the Wolves offer and Evans obviously needs to get out of Sactown.

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I Think Brooks might make

I Think Brooks might make things easier for Evans this year....

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I'm usually pretty agree with

I'm usually pretty agree with your opinion... but here...

I don't think players like aaron brooks johnny flynn or nate robinson make things easier for anybody (especially themselves).

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Any trade ideas, I always

Any trade ideas, I always treat with a certain apprehension but when you see it is my a quality poster like Deadly Sin, I always read on with interest. The move does make a lot of sense to me if we are to assume that Evans still isn't the right fit for the Kings. The idea of Lillard and Evans at PG and SG or even Evans as the 2nd scoring option behind LMA as an SF looks great and Batum gives the Kings that glue guy all teams need and frees up minutes for the likes of Jimmer.

My only issue is that Evans has maybe more upside than Batum so maybe tweet the trade so Portland take more salary back given the Kings will commit to Batum's deal so instead of Garcia maybe Salmons or even Thompson or Hayes as Portland have a very inexperienced frontcourt and this frees up time for T-Rob.

Anyway its a +1 from me for the trade.

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I don't think Evans has

I don't think Evans has hardly any trade value around the league. There are plently of teams who have the resources to get him, and Sacramento seems to have made it pretty clear they arent all that attached to him. If a team legitmately wanted Tyreke Evans on their roster, it wouldnt take much to get him. I think he has been outed as one of those all talent/atheticism, no basketball IQ or work ethic guys, and no shrewd general manager really beleives you can build a winning team around those guys. Tyreke Evans' destiny is as the Shareef Abdur-Rahim of NBA wings. 20 points a game until the end of time playing on &$#%#[email protected]! teams.

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First trade idea I have given +1

Like the title haha leading with sorry. There's lots of crap trade ideas but this makes sense. I think tyreke is a hell of a player, but I don't see him taking the next step in sacremento. ( kind of a Javale McGee in Washington to an extent). I think the teams should roll with what they got tho, Batum just signed a contract and seem pretty motivated to live up to it. And I've heard good stuff this offseason about tyreke, plus it's his contract year. Maybe sign and trade for datum next year? Idk. Good stuff

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I love this trade for the Kings. Just as you said, it makes Cousins' transition much smoother. Brooks, Thomas, Thornton and Jimmer are all pieces that can play off him along with Batum who is a great complimentary piece. I like Tryreke, but I like him as a big pg. But his place is not in Sacramento anymore. Im not sure how he will fit with Sacramento. Because that his def LA's team and there's no doubt that Lillard is running the show there.

Btw, I think Marcus Thornton can fill it up as the starting sg for the Kings

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No way

I think the Blazers like Batum way better than Evans. They just gave him a big contract and have been offered countless trade requests for Batum in the past so I don't think they would even blink at this one.

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if i had team i wouldn't want

if i had team i wouldn't want tyreke anywhere near my rookies, for personal reasons. specially next to a shot happy PG.

i would keep datum.

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You have something personal

You have something personal against Evans? Damn thats harsh bro. I'd keep Nic Batum too in this trade even though it is a good idea OP.

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i think shot selection is

i think shot selection is contagious. his style of play is not inspiring to teammates. he is a bit of an offense freezer

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The Blazers would never deal

The Blazers would never deal Batum for Tyreke Evans.....never

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Love the trade for

Love the trade for Sacramento, but not so much for Portland unless you're expecting him to fill in at SF.

It just wouldn't be smart when you're paying Matthews at SG and just spent a lottery pick on a point guard.

But, flipping to the positives, you never know if Evans will explode on another team and Portland could use another scoring punch around Aldridge.

Also, looking at owner ship, Sacramento always seems terrified to take on extra salary.

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