Sophomore rising

Of all the 2nd year players most people have said that Wall is destined to bust out in the coming shortened season. So beside John Wall, who are the sleeper picks that going to elevate his game and surprise some folks? The list

Greg Monroe
Paul George
Lance Stephenson
Ed Davis
Gordon Hayward
Evan Turner
Derrick Favors
Wes Johnson
DeMarcus Cousins
Eric Bledsoe

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Eric Bledsoe! Time to mix the

Eric Bledsoe! Time to mix the knowledge with that ELITE athleticism he got!!!

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Xavier Henry

Xavier Henry

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Derrick Favors will bring

Derrick Favors will bring much needed defence to the Jazz, he needs to learn to play the post from Al Jefferson to take him to the next level and I heard he got ripped durng the summer, I guess we will just have to see!!! NBA Back FTW!!!!!!

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I read that too that Favors

I read that too that Favors went beast mode this summer and have Dwight-like shoulders, anyone have pics from his pro-am games?

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Evan Turner He will improve

Evan Turner

He will improve and find a better role with the Sixers. You saw the glimpses in the playoffs against Miami. He won't be a go to guy on offense but I see him getting 13-15 ppg, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists.

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Greg Monroe. Greg averaged

Greg Monroe.

Greg averaged 9.5 ppg and 7.5 rebs last year. As a starter he averaged 12 ppg and 9.1 rebs. After the All star break he averaged 13.7 ppg and 10 rebs. He continued to get better all year the more he played, I think he could end up with around 16 ppg and 10 rebs this season.

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gordan hayword......................'s sister

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I'm picking Lance Stephenson

I'm picking Lance Stephenson to have a breakout year as sixth man. He did a great job keeping his nose clean during the lockout which I'm sure surprised a lot of people and we all know he has the talent to score off the bench at the very least. I'm expecting 10-12ppg and 3apg from him.

Monroe is going to be huge this season, he'll have help in the frontcourt with the return of Jerebko and having a sharp-shooting PG in Knight to spread the floor will also benefit his passing ability.

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If Jimmer and Tyreke can

If Jimmer and Tyreke can consistently hit the outside shot and keep defenders honest, than I can see DeMarcus Cousins just toying with guys in the post, as long as he keeps his attitude in check and his foulds down.

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I really like Larry Sanders

I really like Larry Sanders and what he brings defensively. He has potential to be a top 5 shotblocker in this league, he and Bogut should anchor that Bucks frontcourt nicely. I wish the Warriors had drafted Sanders or Greg Monroe instead of Ekpe Udoh.

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Ed Davis could get a lot of

Ed Davis could get a lot of run at PF this year for the Raps. Amir is never going to be a starter, and they are full rebuild mode right now.

Hayward could get decent run too, he finished off the season very well and that team needs commit to it's youth.

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Paul George and Lance

Paul George and Lance Stephenson will not be break-out players, however they will get oppurtunities and take the most of them.

The break-out player that i see coming is Gordon Hayward as the outside shooter to the inside abilities of jefferson. I can see him getting somewhere around 14ppg-4rpg while shoting near 40% from 3-point arc.

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John wall beastin'close to the 20-10-5-2,5-0,5.

Cousins's low post beast, with a better shot selection, less jump shots, more FTA, should be close to the 19-10-3,5.

Monroe solid 14-10-2,5.

Like ed davis a lot, hope he'll be close to the double double with 1,5 block a game.

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I think Xavier Henry will

I think Xavier Henry will have a much better year if he can get more PT this season. I also think Cousins will have a huge year this year.

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Demarcus Cousins will

Demarcus Cousins will overcome his maturity issues and become the player we know he can be. I feel that now that Tyreke is healthy the Kings will have a strong year, I think him and Jimmer will complement each other well.

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Really? Derrick Favors got

Really? Derrick Favors got bigger?yeah i knew it that those 6'10 245 was just a beggining like it was for D12 that's what his potential is all about..have anyone any links about it?

DeMarcus should be great. He could whatever he wants and looks like he got slimmer and more athletic and his skills just coming to be better and better..wouldn't be that surprised if he is #1 option for kings

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Favors in the most recent

Favors in the most recent Utah charity game

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I think with the coaching

I think with the coaching change Wes Johnson gets freed up and will be a much better scorer this year. Anywhere from 12-18 ppg isn't out of the question. And like everyone said, Cousin's is about to have a good year too, maybe even averaging a double double, something like 16-10 or 18-11 depending on the play of the backcourt.

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The only problem with that

The only problem with that Favors highlight video was that only 3 of those dunks / shots were with someone defending him...

I think Turner should come into his own a little more, along with Ed Davis.

I think Monroe will best his numbers from last year by a bit, but teams may start to focus more on him than anyone else on the team.

I can only hope Cousins comes out as an absolute beast. He needs to stop pouting and focus that drive to win into play that is more productive and being a more vocal on the court leader to the other Kings. If he has learned how to stop, some of his more idiotic fouls and picks his outside shots more carefully he could be a force to be reckoned with in the west.

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Wall, Cousins, and Monroe

these are the only ones worth mentioning.

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