Sooo, Stephenson started over Granger...

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Sooo, Stephenson started over Granger... the Pacers' preseason game. Granted, its preseason and this could have literally no significance, but it could also indicate the role Vogel will have Granger play for the Pacers to start the season. And I would certainly be glad if he came off the bench and Lance started.

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Was always the plan, until

Was always the plan, until Granger gets Comfortable again, it means nothing. I also think it has a little bit to do with Copeland being out.

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Good to see D-Rose back, glad

Good to see D-Rose back, glad he feels confident to comeback now, getting a full preseason under his belt will allow him to build himself up gradually with no pressure regarding results like a regular season comeback would have done.

As regards Stephenson and Grainger they play different positions and if Frank Vogel feels that long term he wants to keep Paul George at SF then I feel the other guys have to slot in around him as PF and C are set so they may not want to move George around as he is probably seen as the team's key player now along with Roy Hibbert

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Granger injured his back the

Granger injured his back the other day and they are slowing putting him back in. Lance will be backup Point Guard/Shooting Guard off the bench, that comes from Larry Bird.

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IF Granger is healthy and can

IF Granger is healthy and can get his legs under him, he starts. If not, then Stephenson starts. I think Granger's ability to space the floor, move w/o the ball and just awareness/IQ makes him a better fit with the starters. Stephenson can still be a loose cannon.

Granger has a ways to go though IMO. I think he'll play limited minutes for awhile.

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When Granger finally gets

When Granger finally gets healthy he will start. He will spread the floor and allow Stephenson to come off the bench as a 6th man.

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Not sure people even ask if

Not sure people even ask if Grander will start when fully healthy. The kid has all star talent case closed

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