"Sometimes, the strong move in silence."

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"Sometimes, the strong move in silence."

The Bulls are doing their thing! Although their moves havent been totally quiet, they are moving on and still making moves. Do not be surprised if the Bulls make some serious noise next season. Legit post presence, legit 3 point threat (Kyle Korver is on his way to Chicago) and Derrick Rose coming in better than last season, the Bulls can really make their way atop the Eastern conference. Coach Thibodeau revamping the team and turning up the D, and the chance of Anthony Morrow coming in giving us another gunslinger (although I will say that he kinda scares me. With the inflated stats in the Golden State, who knows what kind of player he'll be.) We will see what happens.

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Morrow would be a great

Morrow would be a great addition. Stats may be 'inflated' in GS but he shot 46% from 3.....the rims are the same size there

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How great would it be to see

How great would it be to see Noah and the bulls just put it on lebron in the playoffs next year after all this hoopla, hahahah.

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im rooting

4 the bulls. i jus really like rose and noah. now that theyve added booze they have sumbody they can dump the ball down to in th epost and i jus think this team is poised to upset sum people

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Whoever faces the Heat in the

Whoever faces the Heat in the playoffs, I want that team to win because I love upsets and I want to see LeBron's reaction.

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