Something is very weird about my rival Named Siggy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Something is very weird about my rival Named Siggy!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I think that siggy is Aran Smith or a scout/journalist who already works for Because siggy never creates his own forum topic, he always seems to just reply and make comments tours forum topics that fan members like myself like to create at times

Oh My God (LOL). Siggy I think I've found out about your little secrete. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(LOL!)

I'm serious, you guys must have also noticed that about siggy. At times it's very weird to me. Because I've been looking forward to making comments tours one of siggy's forum topics. But he never makes any.

He also seems like he already has a well-rounded basketball knowledge when it comes to scouting nba draft prospects

I think he might already work for this site

Siggy = Aran Smith

I want to give a shout out to siggy for being a good rival and for having a pretty good understanding about basketball. He really is one of the members on this site that I like to enjoy comparing concepts and ideas on a variety of basketball topics When it comes to evaluating nba draft prospects

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You know you have to die now

You know you have to die now that you have figured out their secret right?

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No offense, but it doesn't

No offense, but it doesn't seem like much of a rivalry just by looking at the posts/points differences. Although I do think Siggy is great on this site.

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I think I have.......

I think I have proven in the past that I am no slouch, because i really do love studying, playing, and watching the game of basketball. And I also want to accomplish my dream of becoming a very good basketball head coach with-in the college or pro level, god willing

For example

My Past Scouting Report On Marcus Smart

I just love is overall talent, advanced skill level, and very high basketball I.Q. The game comes very easy to him, and he has a knack for making the right play at the right time. He's also tough, versitile, a winner, and can play multiple positions, but will most likely have more success as a point guard, where he can have the ball in his hands to be a great playmaker, passer, and decision maker. I think that he will also surprise people with his underated athleticism, strength, and ability to utilize very good footwork, balance, and bodycontrol when posting up and attacking defenders off the dribble. I think he'll catch nba scouts attention with his craftiness and ability to play the game of basketball the right way and in a very efficitient manner that will lead to many wins for the oklahoma state cowboys

Weaknesses :

1. Can he play the point guard position at a high level in the NBA?
2. Is he a star or is he just a great role player?
3. He's a very efficient ballhandler who only dribbles with a needed purpose. But does he have the ball handling creativity and instincts to break down any defense and get to anywhere he needs to get to on the court ( Like Kyrie Irving or like Steve Nash )
4. Will his lack of explosive athleticism hurt his abiliy to be a dynamic shot creator and shot maker in the NBA or will his craftiness, good footwork, balance, and bodycontrol stll allow him to be a very effective scorer in the NBA?

NBA Comparison

Best Case Scenario: Dwayne Wade ( less athletic )

Worst Case Scenario: Dominique Jones With A Jumpshot

My Past Scouting Report On Nate Wolters

Nate Wolters is a very talented and crafty player, with a natural feel for how to run a team, play pick & roll, and consistently show that he has the ability to be a consistent scoring threat with very good ball handling, passing, and shooting skills. He's also a very good decision maker who plays calm and cool in big games. What I like is that at times he shows alot of mental toughness and doesn't back down when playing against individuals who might be more talented then him. He also has the ability on the college level to make the big play or big shot, when his team needs it the most. Love him, and he has the potential to develop into a solid starting or back-up point guard

Best Case Scenario: Luke Ridnour

Worst Case Scenario: Steve Blake

My Scouting Report On Lamont Momo Jones

1. tough, physical, fearless, fiesty
2. combo guard who's an underrated shot creator for himself and teammates
3. A streaky 3point shooter who's averaging 22 points per game for iona this year and also exploded for 40 points in one game
4. A very good individual and team defender
5. plays with a good combination of poise, toughness, and confidence
6. Can depend on him to play with 100% effort and high intensity
7. Has a high basketball I.Q, which will give him the opportunity to potentially develop into a decent floor general and point guard in the NBA
8.Has great role player potential
9.Will be a under the rador point guard this year, who will probably surprise alot of people with his high level play and I won't be surprised if he get's drafted in the second round of this year's draft

Player Comparison: He reminds me of Chris Childs ( Former Newyork Knicks Point Guard ) ( OJ Mayo Scouting Report) ( Tony Wroten Scouting Report ) ( Perry Jones Scouting Report )

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He is not Aran. He has some very different opinions on certain prospects (not saying they are wrong or right, just different) and his Mock Draft has definitely had a flavor of its own as opposed to the site. He won the Mock Draft contest last year, with his Mock actually being better than the sites. Siggy knows his stuff very well and he certainly seems to have great insight into scouting, just know he and Aran are two different people. Think all you had to do is compare his Mock Draft to the one on the site (that Aran controls) to maybe get second thoughts about them being the same person.

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i wish siggy would reveal

i wish siggy would reveal himself, is he aran smith? lebron james? or maybe even speedy claxton? i wish there could be a thing like how lebron picked where he was going to play. they could get it on espn and 'siggy' could reveal himself! IMO i believe that 'siggy' is santa claus in disquise. just 1 mans opinion tho

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Siggy reminds me alot of

Siggy reminds me alot of Matthew Mauer,he runs a Draft Site called Draft Review........He also gives spot on previews....

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Well yea different views on a

Well yea different views on a couple of players. Kentavious, Goodwin, McCadoo, among others. Just because he knows basketball doesn't mean he is Aran. Lol.
Our mocks always have similarities including Aran's which is kinda messed up cus people probably think I just copy cat of the sites draft smh.

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He just knows the formula.

He just knows the formula. Looks like the man spent a lot of time lurking and developing his opinion on the whole routine of scouting before feeling the need to seriously contribute. Not like these other posters who jump right in with uninformed opinions and are just looking for up votes and points. I lurked this site for about 5 years before feeling the need/ sure of my opinions with prospects before sharing, and I've seen so many people jumping right in with obnoxious declarations for those mixtape stars who are not legit prospects, they proceed to get negged to all hell then they're gone asap. Low and behold, it seemed like this man has done his research before presenting. Learn from it.

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Weaknesses = none

Turn Offs = Greek Basketball Prospects

I win

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Siggy, is this guy really

Siggy, is this guy really your rival?

I'm going to make a Naruto reference that'll probably blow over most of your guys's heads but this reminds of Guy thinking that Kakashi is his rival when Kakashi is clearly the superior lol.

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