Some Undrafted players Get Summer League Invites

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Some Undrafted players Get Summer League Invites

1.CJ Leslie-Signed non-guaranteed contract with the Knicks

2.Khalif Wyatt-76'ers and Dallas SL teams....

3.Richard Howell-Denver

4.DJ Stephens-Miami and Dallas SL teams

5.Myck Kabongo-Miami

6.Dewayne Dedmon-Will be playing in the Orlando Summer League for the Heat and in Las Vegas for the Mavs Summer League team....

7.Christan Wafford-Dallas and Indiana SL teams...

8.Rodney Williams-76'ers

9.Phil Pressey-Boston

10.Brandon Triche-Charlotte

11.Scott Wood- LA Clippers

12.Troy Daniels-Charlotte

13.Vander Blue-Memphis

14.Jack Cooley-Memphis

15.Nick Minnerath-Sacramento

16.Brandon Paul-Minnesota

17.Matt Dellavedova-Orlando

18.Brandon Davies-LA Clippers

19.CJ Aikens-Sacramento

20.Seth Curry-Had received a summer league invite from Charlotte,but will not be ready in time to play after recently getting cleared for physical contact.......

NBA Draft 2013: C.J. Leslie, Phil Pressey, among undrafted free agent signings, Summer League invitees via @sbnation

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I Just noticed that Oh Canada

I Just noticed that Oh Canada had created a similar thread...

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These are good threads. I

These are good threads. I like seeing where guys are ending up. Man, there were a lot of good, solid players this year. They could have EASILY had three rounds of the draft. Bunch of end of the bench guys and a lot of rotation guys too coming out of this draft, I think. Not many gunners though which threw off some casual fans.

I was ranking what I think will be the top 20 rookies next year. Pretty good list of guys out of this draft. Interesting draft since there were a few really good point guards, several solid big men, then you also had a handful of prototype wing players later in the draft.

I can't wait to watch Summer League this year. Should be a lot of fun. The ranks of the undrafted might turn out as well as the entirety of the 2000 draft. Maybe not an all-star there, but I think there could be more rotation guys and high level role players.

The local Memphis paper is saying that Adonis Thomas will play for either the Atlanta Hawks or the Los Angeles Lakers.

A rumor I saw on our message board a couple of weeks ago said that Josh Selby will play for our SL team. He can really light it up and was the SL MVP last year. I think he is too small to play the 2 in the pros but I think we should give him one more shot.
He and Tony Wroten were on fire last year. Best combo in Summer League.

Overall, I think this wasn't the flashy draft that causal fans usually expect, but I think it was really good for analytics type guys. Lots of guys to fill roles. You get size and shooting with this draft.

Actually, this draft had really good TV ratings. The highest since 2007 and second highest since 2003.

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Vander Blue not getting

Vander Blue not getting drafted is a big shock to me. I thought he was going to get the Marquette benefit of the doubt since Jimmy Butler and Wes Mathews panned out. He also measured in a 6'4 which is much taller than I expected.

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James Southerland got invites

James Southerland got invites from the Sixers and Warriors.

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