Some Trade Ideas

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Some Trade Ideas

Got bored on this Sunday afternoon and decided to come with a couple of trade ideas. Let me know what you guys think of them and if they could work or not.

The first 3 trades are with some players that I have seen rumored to be traded and then the last 2 are one that I came up with.

Trade Idea #1:
POR trades: LaMarcus Aldridge, Will Barton
HOU trades: Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, Terrence Jones

Trade Idea #2:
CHI trades: Luol Deng
MEM trade: Tayshaun Prince, Jerryd Bayless, 1st Round Pick

Trade Idea #3:
BOS trades: Rajon Rondo
DET trades: Rodney Stuckey, Greg Monroe

Trade Idea #4:
DEN trades: Wilson Chandler, Anthony Randolph
SA trades: Boris Diaw, Gary Neal (S&T), Nando De Colo, 1st Round Draft Pick

Trade Idea #5:
ORL trades: Aaron Affalo, Hedo Turkoglu
PHO trades: Goran Dragic, Shannon Brown

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I think you are severely

I think you are severely undervaluing Deng. He is coming off two all star apparancers and is a great all round player. Why would you trade him for a washed up old small forward, an ineffinect 6-3 guard (career 414% fg shooter) and a first round pick which will be in the later first round.

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Hit and Miss

Your trade idea #1 (Rockets & Portland) is feasible (in terms of trying to get the most skill in return for LA), although I'm not sure if Portland will really want to take the two massive contracts of Asik and Lin.

As for your Chicago trade, Deng's value is more than Prince and Bayless, even with a 1st round pick... Deng can still play at an all-star level and I just can't see Chicago wanting an aging player and a player like Bayless who is not very effective in return..

Trade ideas #3, 4, and 5 I also don't think are ideal.. Especially with Boston, I'm sure your pitch has been thrown already by Detroit and Boston isn't bulging. At least 1 draft pick should be included, seeing how it will most likely be a lottery pick (I just can't see Detroit making the playoffs, even with the addition of Josh Smith)

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I didn't want to neg you

I didn't want to neg you since I believe people get negged just for proposing trade ideas but why on God's green earth would the Suns want to take back Hedo's contract after they already lucked out by trading him to the Magic in the first place?

Nuggets lost Iggy and Brewer, Galo is hurt, so they need to keep Chandler Wilson since they don't have any better options at the small forward.

Rondo to the Pistons ideas need to stop, they would be the worst outside shooting team in the NBA. All teams would have to do is pack the paint.

Portland could get more for LA than that, and they also wouldn't want Lin and his contract considering they have Lillard and McCollum.

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