Some Things that is logical in my point of view but others may disagree

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Some Things that is logical in my point of view but others may disagree

Lebron is the youngest player reaching 20.000 points not the fastest...

Wilt Chamberlain 499 7th
Michael Jordan 620 9th
Oscar Robertson 671 9th
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 684 9th
Elgin Baylor 711 11th
Allen Iverson 713 11th
Jerry West 720 11th
LeBron James 726 10th
Shaquille O’Neal 727 11th
George Gervin, 747 10th
Bob Petit, 760 11th
Dominique Wilkins 76310th
Karl Malone 772 10th
Adrian Dantley 775 12th
Larry Bird 809 12th
Kobe Bryant 811 12th

... Player Name, Number of games needed and seasons needed to reach 20k

LeBron James at 28: 4 MVPs, 2 NBA titles, 2 NBA Finals MVPs, 9 All-Star selections
Michael Jordan at 29: 3 MVPs, 2 NBA titles, 2 NBA Finals MVPs, 8 All-Star selections...

By age Lebron actually owns MJ right, not really because when MJ won his 3 ring he was 29, 30 when he was in the PO, but what about comparing them by season...

Lebron, 10 seasons, 2 rings, MJ(30 years old), 10 seasons, 3 rings... if Lebron wins his 3rd he will 29 years old and in his 11th season

Kobe, needed 14 seasons to have 5 rings, he is now in his 17th season with 5 rings he needed to wait 5 years to win it again

MJ, 13 seasons, 6 rings, 2 three peats, 2 years without winning a ring one of them retired

So many people don’t understand LeBron is doing it on cheer force and physical domination,(although I have to aknowledge skill), he is skillful and a much improved shooter but he’s more like a big man with a big man’s body, playing at SF...

Skill, Finesse and Technique MJ vs Kobe vs Lebron: MJ, what about Kobe vs Lebron who is better? Kobe, why? there is no better MJ copy than Kobe and the way he evolved his game and his mentallity are pretty damn Jordanesque

Better All Around Player MJ vs Lebron and Kobe: Lebron

another stuff analysts kinda forget some players, Bill Russell is the most successful player of ever!!! 11 rings was the leader and had the game to prove how good he was, Wilt Chamberlain, if we wanna talk about the best athlete in the NBA by playing the game and dominating we don't give him much credit, Kareem the man that invented the most unstoppable move ever the skyhook and had longest carrer in the NBA longevity is a word to describe him and the actual NBA Leader in points totals, Oscar Robertson, he had 3 seasons in a row averaging a triple double, the only player with at least 2k points and 600 assists he had 7 seasons in a row after 1966-1967 was his last season with that kind of stats, 21 years later was MJ, 1988-1989, he did it 2k points and 600 assists, 21 years later it was Lebron 2009-2010, 2k points and 600 assits, one year later was Rose in 2010-2011 the same season he won is MVP, he reached the mark 2k points and 600 assits...

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another one

everybody talks about clutch shots but analysts only talk about Melo, Lebron, Kobe or MJ... but they tend to forget players like Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird... Top 10 all time in the clutch

1. Bird
2. MJ
3. West
4. Magic
7.Kareem had some important shots in his career

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