Some Off Season Predictions

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Some Off Season Predictions

I have a wierd feeling that after this free agent summit meeting that Lebron and Amare and Bosh and Wade will decide to each join up at a different spot. I think the most likely destination for Lebron and Amare will be New York because they can afford both and Amare will reunited with his old coach plus both will be able to share the limelight in New York. Then I think Bosh will sign with Miami to join Wade and theyll build a strong core there to be competitive with the Magic and Hawks. If this happens these two teams will compete every single year in the Eastern conference finals. Also i think carlos boozer will sign with the bulls making them much much stronger as well

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Those are good predictions

Those are good predictions but it is tough to say what will happen. I agree that Wade will stay in Miami. I thought he would go to Chicago but after his remarks about the front office that will not happen. Either Boozer or Bosh will be joining him to develop a tough team in the East. I know it won't happen but I would love to see LeBron go to the Clippers. I think a tandem of him and Griffin for the next several years would be great. Griffin is going to be a great pick and roll post becuase of his athleticism and his developing jump shot. He is Amare Stoudomire with more passion on the defensive/rebounding end. This would open up the lane for LeBron to dominate which he couldn't fully do this year with Shaq cloggin up the paint. I can't imaging having 2 freak athletes like those 2 on the same team.

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IF LAC didn't have an awful

IF LAC didn't have an awful owner, terrible history and share an arena/city with the Lakers... I'd love LeBron with the Clippers too.

Other than Baron Davis (too ball dominant and can't shoot), I think that's a perfect roster for LeBron to play on.

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I like the idea. Bosh and Wade can play for Miami and LBJ and Amare for NY they'll probably meet in the East Finals every season. Wouldn't be surpised if they conjured up some 50 Kanye beef and pretend everything got all sour between them. Would be a great way to get some new fans.

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