Solomon Alabi vs. Larry Sanders

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Solomon Alabi vs. Larry Sanders

These 2 are rated lottery selections in the 2010 mock. Obviously, its extemely premature and nobody takes those seriously yet, but It is interesting, considering that an entire half of a lottery is returning for another year. There is probably about another half a lotterys worth of 1 and doners in this class too.
Both of these long, raw, shotblockers and rebounders seemingly came out of nowhere. Alabi i have seen in person, and looks very very long in person. His offense is non existent and he has the worst hands Ive ever seen. That said, he has a quirky effect on the game. FSU plays the most physical basketball in the acc, and his shotblocking is the anchor to it. He is one of those post players that makes other players better. Sanders got crazy hype because of the show he put up on George Mason, but he was scouted by this site in February of 08, long before all of that. He could have a breakout year, they said he has a 7'7 wingspan. Which one, as of right now, do you think makes the better pro?

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Larry Sanders will be one of the best

Ofcourse Larry Sanders is the best out of the two. Larry has better potential and is a perfect model for the NBA. He has all the attributes and core skills that could make him one of the greats in the NBA. I have been following his basketball career since his days at Port St. Lucie High School and he has one of the fastest evolutions I have ever seen

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