Solomon Alabi more potential than Hasheem Thabeet

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Solomon Alabi more potential than Hasheem Thabeet

After just 1 1/2 seasons of college ball, Id say that Alabi is pretty comparable to where Thabeet was. Very rough, but made a huge impact on defense. He isn't much shorter than Thabeet, who measured 7'1 and some change barefoot, Alabi should be over 7 barefoot at least. Plus, he has longer arms. He is much faster and a better athlete too, better leaper. He seems a little goofier than Thabeet, but I think his frame will alow him to be stronger and faster down the road than Thabeet, who isn't as strong as he looks in my opinion. The strength and weaknesses are similar. but Id say Alabi has better measurables and has more upside. Who do you guys think is a more likely star?

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Thabeet is the better basketball player to me, which isnt saying all that much. Im black,so dont take this the wrong way (which you shouldnt anyway). But all African centers have the same strengths and weaknesses. They all have long arms, good shotblocking/shot altering abilty, have little/no low post games, look akward running the floor, and have big frames that coaches drool over and think they can fill out in time. I wouldnt chance on them because they are usually just too raw for my taste.

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I agree with Iguodala9, I

I agree with Iguodala9, I think Thabeet is still a question mark, but of all the project African centers to come into the league in the last ten years he has the most potential, i just think Alabi is just too thin and too raw to become more than an above average shot blocking bench player, a thinner more athletic Desagan Diop is who i liken Alabi to. Thabeet is a little better basketball player and the fact he played three years in the Big East gives him an advantage as far as development goes

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I don't see how you can
I don't see how you can argue this. Thabeet's freshman year was better than Alabi's sophomore year.
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