Sold or not sold on nba draft prospects

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Sold or not sold on nba draft prospects

This is a opinion topic on what you think of some highly rated prospects.

Marcus Smart: Sold. Good defender and very athletic and can attack the basket.

Ben Mclemore: Sold. Excellent athlete and shooter who if he improves on creating his own shot can be a star in the league

Anthony Bennett: Not sold. He's undersized for a four and is ahead of the curve developmentally wise which is a reason he's dominating college.

Nerlens Noel: Leaning towards sold. A great shot blocker immediately in the league, and I think he can develop a game offensive game and add strength

Victor Oladipo: Sold. Very high on him, great athlete and Great defender and top end motor.

Shabazz Muhammad: not sold: he is undersized for 3 most people say he will be in the pros. A ball hog most times and people overestimate his athleticism. Good not great shooter

Cody zeller: not sold. I feel he is weak in the paint and will get shot blocked, can't stretch the floor and is limited athletically

Trey Burke: sold. Good shooter and passer, and he's fast. Smart player who is a leader. Not tall but then again not that short.

Michael carter Williams: not sold: not really a leader and a poor shooter, I wonder how easy he'll get to the rim versus nba guards. Not one that is physical, and good not great athlete

Like I said this is my opinion based on some facts, some opinions, feel free the agree or disagree, I know I missed a few guys like porter and Len and thats partly because I don't have a definite opinion on their game yet

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not sold on any of them being

not sold on any of them being stars. as players being good starters in the league i will go like this.

smart - sold
mclemore - sold
bennett - not sold maybe a low end starter
noel - not sold maybe a low end starter
oladipo - not sold maybe a low end starter
shabazz - sold
zeller - sold
burke - sold barely
mcw - not sold as a starter at all

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Otto Porter - Sold. He is

Otto Porter - Sold. He is solid and versatile. He may not be an All-Star but the chances of him being a bust are so very minimal it could almost be at zero %

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also sold on otto porter

also sold on otto porter

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Smart: Sold, I usually don't

Smart: Sold, I usually don't like tweener guards outside of 6th men but he has an ''it'' factor along with a competetive edge.

Noel: Not sold before the injury so even less sold now. Joel Anthony can block shots but it doesn't guarentee playing time. Noel is too raw for me offensively and lacks fluidiity to his shot that it's going to take time. On top of that he might not play most of the year next year.

Zeller: Sold. What you see is what you get. He has a low ceiling but he can step in from day one an contribute much like his brother. He won't save your franchise but he can certainly help.

Burke: Sold. I think he's going to rise up boards into the top 10. Best pure PG prospect IMO and will most likely measure better than CP3.

Oladipo. Sold, hard not to be sold on this guy. He seems to get better everyday. Ideal size and lenght, great athlete, with an improving jump shot and a motor that doesn't stop.

WCS- Not sold. I just don't see it, he's a good athlete with good size but so was Orton.

Porter: Sold, he's a good, not great athlete but his length makes up for everything. Good at everything not great at anything... Yet.

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wheres mclemore and bennett?

wheres mclemore and bennett?

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Why do people constantly say

Why do people constantly say Muhammad is a 3. he measured at 6'5 last summer and I always thought he would be a 2. I don't understand why everyone is saying he's a 3.

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Because he plays like a SF. He hasn't shown he can create for himself or for others.

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How does that mean he's a

How does that mean he's a small forward? Small forwards don't have to be able to create for themselves or others?

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I'm actually sold on Bennett.

I'm actually sold on Bennett. 10 years ago I wouldn't have been but so many teams play small ball these days he will be a really good small ball 4.

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In terms of European prospects

In terms of European prospects, I'm sold on Mouhammadou Jaiteh more so than any other Euro prospect in this draft, according to his agent he's "100%" entering the 2013 draft and should be a lock for the first round due to his upside. I fully expect his stock to soar after the Nike Hoop Summit in April. He's a bit like Bismack Biyombo in terms of his physical profile and just as raw but he has great potential as a rebounder, fast-break outlet, second chance scorer and being a reliable post threat.

he isn't a good defender, he can be very clumsy which makes you imagine what smarter and more experienced NBA players would do to him but he has very good hands so he's not a lost cause in that regard. There are times when he shows flashes of dominance which leads you to believe that he has a solid work ethic because he's dominating the French second division as a teenager which is impressive. I would like to see him stay in Europe and play at a higher level. His agent is probably banking on an explosion in April that'll propel him into the top ten like it did for Biyombo, Jaiteh may be a draft and stash kind of guy no matter how high he gets selected he needs more seasoning and experience at a higher level. He also has some Kevin Seraphin in him.

I'm semi-sold on Gobert, there are times when he dominates but his body still concerns me. I'm not much of a big fan of skinny defensive bigs. Saric is another that I'm not sure on, I love his talent and game but I'm not sure how it would translate in the NBA, what's going to be his position?

Although the European prospects aren't as strong this year, there are some gems. Jaiteh and Saric look like they're going to be special. I'm don't know much about Adetokoubo but after reading about him he's a fascinating prospect.

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Zeller sold

I agree on everything but Zeller, he's not a 5 he's a 4 in the league and he can definately stretch the floor, if you watched Indiana games this year you can clearly see he has range out to the 3 point line. I'm not saying he's a franchise guy but he can be a very solid or above average 4 man in the league.

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Marcus Smart: Sold. His

Marcus Smart: Sold. His fysique will give him an advantage to a lot of other prospects.

Ben Mclemore: Sold. One of the best players in this draft, really mature game.

Anthony Bennett: Haven´t seen enough to make a call on this one.

Nerlens Noel: Sold. Can at least be a Tyson Chandler type of player. Don´t see him as a superstar, but with a little work he can be something special.

Victor Oladipo: Sold. Love his tenacity!

Shabazz Muhammad: Sold on him as a player, but should stay in college for at least a year and work on his game. Now he´s more like a poor man´s OJ Mayo.

Cody zeller: Sold. I expected him to grow more in his second year, but he has stalled a bit. Miss some aggressiveness and heart with him. Still he should be a fine NBA player. He has the smarts now the heart.

Trey Burke: Sold. All around good prospect. Will start from the bench and I expect him to have a Jarret Jack like career.

Michael carter Williams: Sold. He has the moves, but needs to have more consistency. I don´t know if Syracuse is the right team for him to work on his point guard skills. A year extra is necessary, but he can take the gamble and declares for this year since this draft isn´t that strong and would guarantee him a nice contract.

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Doug McDermott - sold, except

Doug McDermott - sold, except I was sold on Luke Babbitt too ... *sighh

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Nerlen Noel???

Are you guys doctors? How else could you be sold on a player that's going to be rehabbing their second major knee surgery when it was said that he didn't work hard enough the first time around and players like Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden and Amare Stoudamire can't last on the court after their knee problems?

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I think Zeller is pretty much

I think Zeller is pretty much a lock to at least be an 13/8 kind of player in his prime. He and Otto Porter are probably the closest to a sure thing that you'll find in this draft

@chilbert arenas Cauley-Stein is already better than Orton. I've never seen other UK fans hate a player as much as they hated Orton. He had no motor, no IQ, and a horrible attitude.

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Crazy draft

I think this draft will be pretty interesting and one of the most confusing drafts in a long time. There is no certain player that is a LOCK to get drafted at a certain point. B Mac is maybe the most talented but he is not even guaranteed to be top 3. Noel is not guaranteed to be top 5. Trey Burke may be player of the year and is arguably the best true point guard, and he isnt even guaranteed to be top 10. I think their will be a lot of shuffling going on between the NCAA tournament and the pre draft team workouts

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it depends on what kind of

it depends on what kind of "sold" on Muhammad. I am sold that he will be a good player but not sold that he will ever be a star. he is kinda like MKG. MKG will likely be the better pro though.

Smart - sold. he is physically ready and looks the part mentally too. big time player.

Noel - not sold. talented, but can he turn potential into performance?

Oladipo - I liked this guy from the first time I saw him but he really has broken out, as I expected. He has yet to disappoint me.

Zeller - I like his game. He should be a very solid guy in the league.

Alex Len - not sold. He played better last year in big games than he did this year. Maybe he is buying into all the hype around him. He didnt inject himself into the games enough this year.

WCS - not sold, still learning and needs another year to get stronger and smarter...but he probably will leave if he is guaranteed lottery

Alex Poythress - sold on his talent but his motor and mental make me not sold on his league value or potential.

Markell Brown - my darkhorse. sold. I like his game. Has potential to be a really good 6th man or potential starter in the league.

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Sold / Not Sold

Marcus Smart: Sold. He'll make it whether as a floor general or a defender and has the chance to be an all star.

Ben Mclemore: Sold. I think he's in position to be the top draft choice assuming he doesn't screw it up in the tourney.

Anthony Bennett: Not sold. I think he'd be good as a combo forward off the bench, but don't see him as a starter.

Nerlens Noel: 99% Sold. He averaged a double double with four blocks per game. He'll at least be a good defender who can chip in easy points here and there. If he develops post moves, he'll be one of the best at his position assuming he comes back healthy.

Victor Oladipo: Sold. His hustle and defense are enough to get him drafted in the first round. His offensive ability and athleticism could get him into the late lottery.

Shabazz Muhammad: Sold. Everyone says he's a ball hog, but he's clearly the best player on his team. At worst I think he'll average 15 ppg in his rookie season and he could average up to 24 ppg if he reaches his peak in the first year on a team like Charlotte where he'll have to score. Obviously there are teamwork issues, but I think he'll get past it as he matures.

Cody Zeller: Not Sold. I can't say I'm sold on him for the value he's projected at. Is he likely a top 10 pick? Yes. Will he be a star in the league? Probably not. He'll be a solid player, who could start on some teams, but I don't see him as an all star.

Trey Burke: Sold. One of the top scorers and passers in the college game. His offensive game is one of the most well rounded in the college game right now and he has great play making ability. I think he should be a lottery pick.

Michael carter Williams: Not sold. I'm not sold, even as a Syracuse fan, but it's for different reasons then you. He may not be a leader, but he does step up in the clutch a lot (see game @Louisville). It is Triche's team since he is the senior who's started every game in his career at Syracuse. His ability to finish through contact and get in the lane is fine and he is a physical player and good athlete. But he needs to improve his dribble since he does have a high dribble as a 6'6 PG, he could use more strength, and he definitely needs a more consistent jumper. I don't know if he'll start off great in the league, but once he develops for a bit I think he'll be worth the wait.

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