So, now that the Cardinals have lost...

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So, now that the Cardinals have lost...

Who do you think should be put at #1 now? I'm not sure who, as it's been a very tumultuous week in college basketball overall.

As of this post, there are 7 1-loss teams still in Division 1.

- Duke
- Kansas
- Michigan
- Syracuse
- Arizona
- Gonzaga (Their status is still in the air because they're facing Butler at the time of this post)

For the sake of a good argument, I'm going to narrow it down the Duke, Kansas, Michigan, and Syracuse. By strength of schedule, Duke would be placed at #1, but Kansas and Michigan have performed steadily, and the 'Cuse have just knocked off the #1 team. That alone deserves consideration of becoming the new top dog.

Opinions? Leave some in the comments below.

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I'd go Syracuse

I like going w/a team that just knocked off the #1, especially considering the off night of Carter-Williams. However, I could easily go Duke or Michigan as well.

I'm from AZ, so I would love to see them get the nod, but deep down I don't think they're as good as any of the three I mentioned. And while I always love Gonzaga, I think they're also a step behind. By the way, the Butler-Gonzaga game is awesome--down to the wire.

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im praying for Michigan

im praying for Michigan

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Duke doesn't have Kelly and

Duke doesn't have Kelly and haven't been playing like a Top 5 team. I'd give it to Michigan or KU.

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