So my house got egged and i know who did it...

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So my house got egged and i know who did it...

but this &$#%#&@! won't take responsibility for her dumbassness. after confronting her the next morning with all of my evidence, this little b*tch still has the nerve to say "dude iono what your talking about".

what's &$#%#&@! up is that, my mom just spent a couple thousand on a new paint job for the house and now she has to spend more to fix the egg stains. also, that &$#%#&@! was standing right outside of my grandmothers bedroom window when she was doing her egging. if my grandma woke up to sounds from outside the house, she could have had a &$#%#&@! heart attack due to her anxiety problems.

i could care less if the kid did something to me, but damaging my house brings my whole family into the situation, which really &$#%#&@! me off. i have enough evidence to bring the police into the situation (text messages, facebook statuses, her friends, and orange peels/egg shells all over my driveway and roof with her fingerprints all over them) but i feel like it'll cost even more money to sue than to actually paint the house. and no, i'm not gonna make the situation worse by beating her ass... at least not until after she hands me my money

how can i get this kid to squeal?

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Well, another great post by

Well, another great post by Leeeeeroooooooy Jeeeeeeenkiiiiiiiiinsss!


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Aren.t you the same guy that

Aren.t you the same guy that was getting beat up by a chick at school? ? I know there isn.t a point system right now but wow. . .

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just go to the police, same

just go to the police, same sh*t happened to some of my friends in high school....they didn't get caught in act but there was evidence, they all had to pay a fine and whatever damages to house

it wont cost you anything to file a police report, mom and dad's taxes pay for that....

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dont worry about it, your parents house is about to get foreclosed....

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I know!

Hire some republicans to go shoot her

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Threaten them with the

Threaten them with the evidence. If you have the evidence then they will certainly cave. If they dont, I am sure that you wont lose much or any money by just filing a complaint. Painting a house sostssome money, so I say that if getting them to pay doesn't work, off to the police. (now that he is retired, shaq might be able to help.)

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