So Much for Xmas Spirit (Clippers @ Warriors)

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So Much for Xmas Spirit (Clippers @ Warriors)

There's been blood brewing between these two teams starting back in the first game they met this season when Andrew Bogut and Deandre Jordan got in a scuffle and tonight Draymond Green has been ejected for elbowing Blake Griffin and then Griffin gets ejected for a scuffle with Bogut down low (which I felt was a bad call on the refs).

I hope these two teams meet in the Playoffs. They got more beef than grade-A burger approved by USDA. Would make for an entertaining series.

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Awful calls the entire second

Awful calls the entire second half. In true christmas fashion, they gifted the Warriors the win.

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The Warriors, Clippers, and

The Warriors, Clippers, and Kings all hate each other. There is serious bad blood in the Pacific Division.

Blake Griffin seems to be the target of physical play from all of the Clippers' opponents and he doesn't back down, Chris Paul just is not a likable guy if he is on the opposing team, and Ryan Hollins, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson are great bench instigators. And Andrew Bogut tends to start all kinds of scuffles for the Warriors.

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I think this rivalry is

I think this rivalry is better then the Clippers-Lakers ....

Looks like Matt ''im tired of taking up for these ni&&as'' Barnes will be suspended or fined again for pushing someone in the back....

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Fun to watch

This old-school, teams genuinely hating each other thing is one of the things that makes the NBA more watchable than any of the other major sports. I feel like real rivalries are dying out because everyone plays AAU ball together and college ball together growing up.

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