So much for the Orlando Magic tanking...

After the Dwight trade, my prediction before the season began was that the Orlando Magic were gunning for a top-3 pick in the upcoming draft and tank it out. Boy, have I been wrong so far. Rookie coach Jacque Vaughn has this young team competing every night with a "no excuse" factor. Jameer Nelson has embraced the leadership role, Big Baby Davis is having by far his best statistical season and there's some promise in some of their young players Mo Harkless, Andrew Nicholson and Nickola Vucevic. Surprisingly, the Magic are still a good defensive team, allowing 96 PPG 42%FG, but they have a rough time scoring the ball, in where they only shot 92 PPG 42%FG. Of course, losing Dwight Howard comes into factor, considering he demanded a double-team in the post in which there was always a shooter open for him to dish out to, and he always shoots a high percentage. Basically, I am just impressed with this team. I honestly believe they were heading into TOTAL rebuilding mode, but they are still competing and I believe with a few more acquisitions, a solid first round draft pick and the ongoing development of their young players, it won't be long before they are once again in the playoff picture.

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How do you mention the Magic

How do you mention the Magic and dont say Redick's name?? Who would have ever thought that Dwight leaving would help Redick have a career year??

Regardless, Vaughn has been great! Give him a number 1 option and he is fighting for a title.

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True. He's still shooting at

True. He's still shooting at a high rate. Along with Arron Afflalo. His 3P% is a career low, though. And that was where Dwight was helpful. He was surrounded by so many shooters and when got the ball in the post, well...I explained that already.

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Why tank with this weak

Why tank with this weak draft? I see a lot of guys they could use for the future but I don't see any superstar players that can turn a franchise around

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The one problem I see(I live

The one problem I see(I live in Fl) is that they never seem to play Nickola and Nicholson at the same time, I feel like they should be they both have decent length and offensive games and with some more chemistry they could be a very formidable high low post duo. With the way this draft class is looking they shouldn't take another big man and already have Moe Harkless at the SF spot so they should have at least another year where they play Harkless, Nicholson, and Vucevic before they try and draft another player at any of those spots.

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