So is Jim Calhoun a cheater now?

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So is Jim Calhoun a cheater now?

uconn has 8 violations so does he become hated by some of ya'll on here who hate coach cal for the violations that happened at his school because of what his players did?. some.these violations were done by the coaching staff which is worst then rules being broken by players( you can speculate about if coach cal knew or not but there is zero proof that he did) so im curious is uconn coach will now get hammered by the public

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hes a college coach

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To me, at least from what I have read, it seems totally insignificant. These violations appear to be just more ridiculousness from the NCAA and its wanting to maintain the "purity" of the college game. Total garbage. I think college basketball should just embrace its image as a pro-farming system or just say, "enough is enough, either you get players that graduate, or you're done." College basketball constantly contradicts itself, and it all comes down to money, and as much as the coaches make, the NCAA has to make more than that as a whole. These schools rake in money, and the fact the NCAA is complaining about monitoring and compliance is a total joke. Plus, Calhoun last won the chip in 2004, so if he gets caught after this long, I do not see him as even close to being a cheater. Frankly, eligibility issues to me are ridiculous, because honestly, it is college basketball. These guys get advantages others do not. It happens, it has traditionally happened, it will continue to happen. Until Coach Cal wins a title, it is hard to see him as being a cheater for coaching Derrick Rose and Marcus Camby. Do people honestly feel offended by this? Because, I would just take a look at college basketball and the NCAA, and take your criticism out on them for creating this hypocritical ridiculous system that allows it to happen.

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If you define cheating as

If you define cheating as breaking of any one of the gazillion of rules the ncaa has, then yes he is. But then again, everyone cheats, he just unfortunately got caught. They'll prolly slap a couple a penalties, then it'll all go away in a couple a yrs.

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