So it was a must win game for the Spurs tonight....

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So it was a must win game for the Spurs tonight....

....and they lost. They are now down 3-1. They do have two games left at home, but the Grizzlies have proven they can beat them at home. This has to be one of the most disappointing seasons for the Spurs. They proved everyone wrong this season and had the best record in the league for much of the reason and it is now just falling apart. Thoughts?

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I'm more confident than ever when I say, if the Grizz had Rudy Gay this series, they'd be a threat to everyone. Granted the spurs have a bad match up, but this is the Grizz who weren't play off tested. They are about to best the team with the best record. Regular season wins are overrated, but in all honesty...

ARE THE SPURS REALLY DOWN 3-1? Talking about having your balls to the wall. Lol Lakers just can't get a break, if they do manage to beat new orleans, they will play Memphis next right? Oh lord, out of the pot, and into the frying pan.

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Grizzlies are the better team

Grizzlies are the better team imo. Spurs are aging.

Memphis tanked to get the Spurs and this is why.

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I honestly seen this coming.

I honestly seen this coming. The beginning of the season they started off on fire and age just kicked in. This is not the same spurs team that can play 82 games in a season and go into the playoffs doing damage.

They are getting They should be thinking about the future because with a injury riddled ginobli, an old timmy d and a tony parker that isn't playing with that same drive and passion.

This might be the end of the one of the 2 most dominant teams of the decade.

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The best thing about this

The best thing about this game was that we won with Z-Bo having a below average game. He scored only 11 pts, but guys like OJ Mayo, Darrell Arthur and Greivis Vasquez were productive off the bench.

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Having just watched this

Having just watched this game, I think Duncan should retire. He was well rested this season, but made a number of mistakes, being too tentative, being double-teamed, I don't think he can be relied on, and it would be better to free up minutes for younger players now. This was the Spurs' best chance at another championship with Duncan, but it's not happening.

Time to move on, start blooding Splitter, see what he can do with more minutes.

Grizzlies will play Thunder in the next round by the way. Lakers will get Mavs or Blazers.

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The real suprise was the regular season, injury free for a good portion, many players were on the top of their game(over the top), surprising bench production, 40% 3pts shooting as a team...

But then, that's a team who won only 1 of their last 8 play offs games, that's not by chance.

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