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So if your the Orlando magic

So if your the Orlando magic and Parker wiggins and embiid is gone who do you take? Most scouts think exum is a lock to go to the Orlando magic at number four and I agree as we'll but what if. What if the Orlando magic select Julius randle with the 4th pick and go with Elfrid Payton with the 12th pick your line up would be:


victor O

Harris if they trade Aaron A


Nikki Vu

Great defensive backcourt if they keep Aaron and play him at the 3 it gets even better on D but Say they trade Aaron afflo still seems like a good line up jus my opinion don't kill me with the negs but here is a different out look for the magic.

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I see them taking exum at 4

I see them taking exum at 4 and a shooter at 12

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Exum and a trade

I see them total back court with this draft, as they have draft frontcourt in recent drafts. Exum and probably Hairston. But I could see them not being able to pass up Payne. High motor guy, even with having Maxiel and O'Quinn.

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Randle or Vonleh and LaVine

4th randle vonleh (more upside) depends of workouts

12th lavine second option if lavine was already pick trade the 12th and a player to get him third option payton or ennis :(

lavine 33.5” no-step vert, 41.5” max vert, 10.42 lane agility, 3.19 sprint

exum 31.5” no-step vert, 34.5” max vert, 10.75 lane agility, 3.19 sprint

pg 12th or oladipo

sg oladipo or afflalo

sf harris or afflalo

pf 4th

c vucevic

for 2015 the guards would be lavine and oladipo

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I hadn't heard that Exum's vertical numbers were that low. Vonleh is a PF and his numbers were much higher. This makes it seem much more likely that Exum slides down a bit.

If it's true that Orlando likes Smart (or Vonleh) about as much as Exum, it wouldn't surprise me to see the Jazz give Orlando a little something to swap picks. Maybe the #23 or #35? The Jazz don't want 3 more rookies I think.

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I like it but

I feel like Peyton is a bit of a reach at #12. If they want do to that, they can possibly trade down maybe 3 spots and acquire another assett. But a Peyton/Oladipo backcourt would be a heckua defensive force.

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Draft Randle with the 4th

Draft Randle with the 4th pick then trade the 12th pick along with Mo Harkless to Charlotte for the 9th pick and select Lavine 9th overall.

  1. Zach Lavine/Jameer
  2. Oladipo/Moore
  3. Harris/Thanasis Antetekoumpo 2nd rd
  4. Randle/Maxiel
  5. Vucevic/Nicholson
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Charlotte does it because they get a young athletic sf/pf in Harkless and still get to draft one of the guys they want at #12 (Stauskus,McDermott,Young)

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