So I Read Gay is on the Block

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So I Read Gay is on the Block

Uhm, first of all.Im a huge Spurs fan and I'm thinking if we can get him. Probably Jacksons expiring + Leonard for Gay and some fillers for cap issues. I think he can give alot to the Spurs, that young leg that can light up the score board. Tony, Manu and Timmy are aging and Kawhi though relatively young doesnt have the offensive repertoire that Rudy has.

Though I doubt Memphis giving in to the trade because they're division mates and you dont want to help out your competitor.

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You know Leonard would be a

You know Leonard would be a perfect fit in Memphis; he knows how to play off the ball, he's a great defender and he's not going to kill their cap space.

Similarly Rudy would give the Spurs a lot they didn't have before and help them stay relevant once Duncan leaves.

I'm not sure if it'll happen, but it'd be great for both sides as far as I'm concerned.

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i thought kawhi leonard was

i thought kawhi leonard was going to be the future face of the spurs?! lolol

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Gotta say a trade for Leonard is the best possible Gay

trade scenario I have seen so far. Reports have it that they are shopping Gay as a pure salary dump. Its said they want draft picks though, so that's a snag but Leonard is worth a direct swap for Gay. The problem is a third and forth team in a deal like this because the salaries don't match at all. The Spurs love Leonard also and Popovich doesn't just give praise to anybody and repeatedly has praised Kawhi Leonard. This would give the Griz a cheaper version of a guy who is similarly productive, though not the pure scorer. San Antonio would be far above the cap and has a GM that's to smart to make this move though. They could give up Danny Green to somebody in this deal but they don't have the salaries to match. I think Gay will get moved in the off season for a top 7 pick in the draft. Right now they want probably a top pick and a good young player or two plus future picks but they don't have any takers. Maybe after January 15th, we'll see.

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