Snoop Dogg's son to UCLA...

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Snoop Dogg's son to UCLA...

Cordell Broadus, son of rapper Snoop Dogg, has been offered a scholarship to play football at UCLA. Cordell has played only one season of football at the high school level and it was on the freshman team. P Diddy's son made headlines when he was also ffered a football scholarship as well. The Bruins are obviously trying to play to the pop-cultrue spotlight in LA since neither is highly ranked in their class. I think it's an embarrassment when son's of famous rap moguls are given athletic scholarships because of who their father is which takes scholarships away from more deserving, talented amateur athletes. How did it work out for Lil Romeo getting a basketball scholarship to USC? Poorly.

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Romeo only got his

Romeo only got his scholarship because he was friends with DeRozan. But to be fair, it's even worse to just go after big name sons without a great friend.

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I highly doubt Snoop Dogg is

I highly doubt Snoop Dogg is the type of dude you want around a bunch f 18-22 year olds. They better not be drug testing this team.

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Snoop is a punk arse

Snoop is a punk arse so-called gangster so I don't care for his wack bred son

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To be fair though, Romeo at

To be fair though, Romeo at least tried to play. He played AAU and HS. He probably could have played at a low D1 school. Snoops son played one year as a freshman. Smh.

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dont mind

If the kid can play and earned it I dont mind them getting an scholarship. Havent seen Snoop Dogg kid play but Diddy's son can play he was highly recruited but had a couple more big school offers. I dont think Lil Romeo got to USC for his skills or fame USC was just desperate for a high ranked player they thought would help the program build, and that player happened to be Derozan and the only way the could get him was to take Romeo too.

Another things just because they aint highly ranked dosent mean that suddent get offers from a school like UCLA. But with UCLA athletic department not doing well finacially getting into the spot-culture spotlight could help alone with a couple checks from their pops maybe.

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i've read that diddy's son is

i've read that diddy's son is earning his scholarship and is a solid player. He was a 3 star recruit who had offers from other major confernece squads such as illinois, iowa and virginia. I dont know about snoops kid though. EIther way, the ucla football program can use all the help getting national interest they can becasue the product on the field is mediocre.

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