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I think that if Dallas does not get Howard they should go after Josh Smith. He is the best player after CP3 and Howard. With Smith in place then you can go hard at making a trade with Boston for Rondo.

Dirk/Smith/Rondo...What do you think of that?

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How would they get Rondo?

What could they give up to get Rondo? They don't have too many pieces. They could always throw in a bunch of draft picks and take back a bad contract (Gerald Wallace). I'm not sure if that would be enough to get him though. Even though it seems like his value is down now he's still making $11-12 mil a year, which everyone would agree makes him underpaid. But if the celtics really just wanna dump everyone and rebuild then I guess a trade like that can make sense.

What do you think?

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at this point nothing would shock me from the C's seeing the KG/Pierce trade.. Aslong as they can trade away Gerald Wallace..

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