Smart Over Exum or Otherwise?

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Smart Over Exum or Otherwise?

This site just posted Marcus Smart's June workouts and, wow, he looks great. It looks like he's going to be even better this year. He's such a bulldog, I don't think there's too many guards he can't push around.

Having said that, Dante Exum is just so good. His first step, his handle, and effortless drives are great. He's got such a great touch around the rim and the athleticism and being 6'6" won't hurt.

I'm a little concerned that Smart only shot 40% when he's not undersized, but both guys need to work on their shot. It'd be nice if Smart pushed people around when he got inside as much as he does around the perimeter, but he's still a better passer than Exum.

If the NBA thinks Exum is a PG, I bet they take him over Smart.

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I haven't seen much of Exum

I haven't seen much of Exum but from what I've seen outta Marcus Smart, and for this to even be debatable, Exum must be the real deal. Having said that, Marcus Smart showed last season what he's capable of and for that, my vote is Smart if I'm a GM. But let's be fair and reevaluate in a few months shall we

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If Smart can be a more

If Smart can be a more efficient scorer, he can really be a special player. After last year, I was impressed by his leadership, guard rebounding and IQ, and I thought for an 18 year old his defense was very good. If he can improve his jumper and become more efficient putting the ball in the hoop I think he's a NPOTY front runner and a guy who could put up 17/7/6/2.5.

I haven't seen Exum yet, but his ceiling seems to be very high. I'm excited to get a better look at him.

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If Smart had entered this

If Smart had entered this years draft it's safe to say the Magic would have taken him at 2 since they were so in love with him. If it came down to it it'd be hard to see the Magic pick Exum over Smart but many things can happen between now and then.

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