Slo Mo

Slo Mo

Kyle Anderson had the third highest bodyfat at the combine, yet amazingly he played point at an impressive level.

If he was to get in shape, could he at least be an average athlete by NBA standards?

At the very least we should see some improvement in that area which could take his game to a new level.

He needs to take responsibility for being out of shape whilst at UCLA though. Red flag?

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I think he doesn't have the

I think he doesn't have the most athletic body type, so he is probably never going to have as low body fat as some guys and probably just naturally carries a higher degree of body fat than most players, kinda like Paul Pierce does. That said, it would be nice to see him cut the fat and add some muscle to get ready for the NBA, as maximizing his athletic talent would go along way to helping him succeed in the NBA.

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He did get in better shape

He did get in better shape from his freshman to sophore seasons. He rarely blows by guys completely but if he even gets a little step on his opponent he can use his length to get shots off or hit the open man. He did a better job running point then I had anticipated, of course he needs to continue to work on his feet quickness as much as anything. Defensively he stands up right and leaves his man a lot. Got away with that playing zone, but In the nba teams will attack him. It's gonna be interesting to see.

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I hope I am wrong but I don't

I hope I am wrong but I don't see how he makes a nice transistion to the NBA. He was good when he had the ball in his hands at UCLA but no NBA team is going to put the ball in his hands enough to be effective. His inability to be productive off the ball paired with his obvious defensive liabilities means his reward won't be worth the risk.

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hope he bulk's up; probably

hope he bulk's up; probably would be used like Boris Diaw

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I think he can be pretty

I think he can be pretty effective if he becomes at least a decent SF defender. He has the skills to be the primary ball handler and be a triple-double threat consistently under the right circumstances.

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Anderson is a guy who's

Anderson is a guy who's overall skillset I really like, but I think his athletic ability, to an extent, but mostly his lack of a true position may be a hinderance to his NBA translation.

I'm not one who thinks he can be a 1 in the league, and although I think he can have some success as a point forward, I'm thinking more of a role player. I've said it before and there's been a lot of swiss army forwards, and really the only ones with elite athletic tools are the ones who had a high level success. Being athletic isn't quite as important for PFs and Cs, and something I am sometimes willing to over look if a player is skilled, but on the wing? I think it's a really big deal.

A guy I think Anderson should really take a look at is Chandler Parsons. He's had a lot of success because he's a 6'10'' shooter who can really pass the ball, but he's not a ball dominant player, and can excell next to two big players. I think until Kyle can operate off the ball, and use his skills as a complimentary role, he'll struggle. I don't think it's in the best interest of an NBA team to have Slo Mo be a ball dominant player.

In my opinion, Kyle Anderson at point is like Derrick Williams at the small forward spot. There are some skills there, and they're more equipped to play that position than a lot of their positional peers, but they're just not, and if they embraced their skillset at a more realisitic NBA position, then I think their chance of success goes up.

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