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Sliding Story

NCAA tournament, player scouting, stock watch, physical measurement, athletic testing results, draft workouts, character analysis.. After all what makes some great players slide out of the lottery. What NBA teams need to do to making more accurate selections?

Lets create good non-lottery teams. Here is 2005 draft's non lottery team.

PG - Jarrett Jack (22)
SG - Monta Ellis (40)
SF - Danny Granger (17)
PF - David Lee (30)
C - Marcin Gortat (57)

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PG - Gilbert Arenas (31st

PG - Gilbert Arenas (31st pick)

SG - Manu Ginobili (57th pick)

SF - Trevor Ariza (44th pick)

PF - Luis Scola (56th pick)

C - Marc Gasol (48th pick)

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Look at last season

Each year some player are forgotten, overlooked or they simply are simply the right person at the right place at the right moment, look at last season second round:

PG - Isaiah Thomas (60)

SF - Chandler Parsons (38)

PF - Lavoy Allen (50)

C - Jeremy Tyler (39)

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