Sleeper prospects from the upcoming Draft.

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Sleeper prospects from the upcoming Draft.

These are my picks of undervalued Draft prospects, for the upcoming NBA Draft.

Dennis Schroeder, Draft Range 14-23
Giannis Adetokoubo, Draft Range 11-21
Tony Mitchell, Draft Range 15-26
Allen Crabbe, Draft Range 15-25
Ricardo Ledo, Draft Range 16-30
Glen Rice Jr., Draft Range 15-24
Jamaal Franklin, Draft Range 11-20
Isaiah Canaan, Draft Range 24-37
Livio Jean-Charles, Draft Range 20-30
Alex Abrines, Draft Range 28-44
Myck Kabongo, Draft Range 21-31
Archie Goodwin, Draft Range 35-51
Mike Muscala, Draft Range 24-35

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my sleepers

Shane Larkin (hope he'll be picked by the Jazz)

Mike Muscala (good footwork and jump shot, i like him a lot)

Hardaway Jr (a good target for every team that need a scorer)

Giannis Adetokoubo (young and nba type body. good hands)

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Mike Muscala

Will end up having one of the 10 best NBA careers from this draft and I firmly believe he will be in the NBA 10 years from now

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Lorenzo Brown : It's crazy to

Lorenzo Brown : It's crazy to me how he's dropping. Dude is a smart 6'5 pg who is pass first. Way hetter shooter than 29% from 3. Has good athleticism, he might not be westbrook or D Rose level but who is. Good basketball IQ and creative handles and court vision. Needs to stop making home run passes and make the correct pass. He can be a Brian Shaw type of PG for a great team.

Ricky Ledo: If he lands in the right situation He can be the best SG prospect in this draft. Great handles and is a underrated passer. Natural born scorer and would easily be a lottery pick if he played. Reminds me of a skinny Joe Johnson.

Nate Wolters: Could be a great back up pg for a playoff team like the Spurs who needs a back up PG. Great size, good passer, can score if he needs to and has a great b ball IQ.

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James Ennis

James Ennis

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Mike Muscala Lorenzo

Mike Muscala
Lorenzo Brown
Jamaal Franklin
Nate Wolters
Sergey Karasev
Alex Abrines

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I am high

On Hardaway jr. His pops was my favorite player. Jr is a sleeper. Vastly improving jumper, underrated athelete,versatile. He will get a lot better and consistent playing with NBA talent.

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Muscala, Ledo, Myck Kabongo

Muscala, Ledo, Myck Kabongo and Archie Goodwin

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Yeah,Archie Goodwin was

Yeah,Archie Goodwin was supposed to be a late lottery ,mid first pick ,now he is considered a late 2nd ? think he still very talented to be drafted out of the top 20 picks

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Erick Green Leading scorer in

Erick Green

Leading scorer in the nation from the ACC, and he's a second round pick...huh?

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Durand Scott

Tough on D....has enough offensive talent to be an effective NBA player

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