skip bayless rant

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skip bayless rant

I see a lot of posts of Skip Bayless haters. IF he didnt have a contrary view, the show would be stupid. Who want to watch a show where everyone agrees? BTW he was one of the few who from the begining picked Miami to win the title even though most people were going with Spurs/ Thunder.

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Miami was the favorite going

Miami was the favorite going into the season and the playoffs so that wasn't going out on a limb by any stretch. He is just a hater. He uses facts only when they support his arguement. He is a huge hypocrite with below average knowledge. I don't think he should be allowed on TV especially when talking about the Cowboys.

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I'm a bigger Skip Bayless fan

I'm a bigger Skip Bayless fan than most, but the dude is always hedging his bets. Yes, he did pick Miami to win at the beginning of the yr, but he was saying that Dwyane Wade would lead them there and not LeBron. And when the Heat were up 3-1 in the Finals, he said that OKC would win 3 straight games and could possibly win the series, even tough he picked Miami to win it. And when Miami finally won, he was saying "Didn't I pick Miami to win?"

Skip gets a lot of stuff right, but a lot of the stuff he says is downright trollish and insane.

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Honestly I kind of like Skip.

Honestly I kind of like Skip. He entertains me and that is his job. That being said, I dont take anything he says seriously.

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The show is stupid

The show is stupid

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The problem is the arrogance and the certainty with which he makes his claims. He acts like the other people are idiots for disagreeing with his dumb ideas. It's like, "Man, do you really believe all the things that are coming out of your mouth?"

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i think skip is gay

i think skip is gay

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Well yeah, Skip is right on

Well yeah, Skip is right on some things. If you make a thousand proclamations a year, a few of them are bound to be right.

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to those dissing skip

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Everyone &$#%#&@! about Skip

Everyone &$#%#[email protected]! about Skip but still watch the show to see what dumb thing he will say next, hence he is doing his job brilliantly.

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what ppl need to understand

what ppl need to understand is that skip bayless acts like an idiot to get views and acts like an ahole to for the same exact same reason...... if they agreed on everything the show would be boring as hell

stephen a and skip on that show is what makes viewers appeal..... their arguing and almost "cocky" attitudes drives money in so why fix it when its not broke??

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Skip is not on tv for his

Skip is not on tv for his inate sports knowledge. The guy knows nothing about sports. which is obvious listening to him talk. He is only there for the ratings...

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I like Skip. But the only

I like Skip. But the only thing I hate about him is how he's from OKC, but dissed the Thunder at every single opportunity he had, especially Russell Westbrook when he's done almost nothing to deserve it. I'm from OKC and the only 2 teams I've liked as much as the Thunder are Kentucky and OU (I've got dual fanship...), and hearing him hate on his hometown team ticks me off.

How come no one's said anything about Stephen A. sucking up to every rapper/famous black man that comes on the show and acts like he's been homies with them for years? Lol he takes every chance he can to talk about all the times he's talked to them or been to their parties

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Bonafide scrub

Unless this guy comes on the show...

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The Dan Patrick show is a lot

The Dan Patrick show is a lot better than first take, it is basically the opposite of it and is is still successful. Dan Patrick at least gets good interviews and the dannettes at least respect each other. The show is built on insight and not arguing a point.

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Skip or Stephen A.?

I can't figure out which one is more annoying--Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith? Everyone hates Skip Bayless, but Stephen A. Smith always gets a pass. He says some pretty outlandish stuff and does so just as boisterously and exasperatingly as Skip. The whole show is just a shouting match between two loud mouth dilletantes. Although I'm convinced these guys are really smarter than the characters they play on TV.

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If you haven't seen Mark

If you haven't seen Mark Cuban rip Skip apart for his terrible logic you should watch this:

There are longer versions if you want to see the whole interview. He made Skip look like a fool.

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Skip Bayless is a clown. Honestly thou, if you are watching ESPN during the day (or anytime when there isn't a game on) you might be a clown yourself. Please learn to understand when people are simply acting to support their large paycheck.

I bet you after a six pack of pounders and a rokey toke, Skip Bayless admits he loves LeBron James.

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Skips funny and depending on

Skips funny and depending on what he's talking about he can be very knowledgeable. but again depending on what he's talking about.

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I like watching skip.....even

I like watching skip.....even if he is a scrub in any sport he's ever tried

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i love skip hes always trying

i love skip hes always trying to twist stephen "nasmiths" words. You can hate him all you want hes still going to be on your t.v screen making up blasphemous things and you STILL will watch.

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First take

Interesting show, too bad that 90% of the time they speak about the Knicks, Lakers, LeBron or Tim Tebow. The same topics are covered every day even if there's no new piece of info on it, sometimes there's even the same topic twice in the same show !

It's nice for NBA/NFL fans, but there's a lack of topics for all others sports (a little MLB and college sports, no NHL, Soccer, Nascar/racing at all), which could make it better.

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Hes ridiculous when talking

Hes ridiculous when talking about: Lebron, Tebow, OKC and San Antonio.

Other than that hes not that bad.

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