Sixers must do with Embiid injury

They have to try to move up and trade if the cavs are willing to. If the cavs are not who do they draft then?
if wiggins and parker are both gone I think they trade down to 5 or 6 and select either randle or smart.
If Embiid is stil one the board at 10 you draft him I said he could slip to ten before and with this news it isn't far fetched anymore.

I would hate to see them pass on embiid if he moves to ten

if they have to trade thad in order to get the cavs pick trade him. If they draft smart or randle and have to move thad and 10th pick for embiid trade him.
this may have been a blessing in disguise because now we both know wiggins and parker are going to be gone so we can make a better draft plan rather then have 3 scenarios like we did when embiid was a "lock" for one.

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Are you serious?

There is absolutely no good in Embid's injury, not for the sixers not for the draft not for the fans and not for balance in the league period.

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brook lopez and yao ming

brook lopez and yao ming were/are good players.
If you can draft him and understand he may be injured so have to structure deals based around that I think the sixers can be good this is a new age of basketball where team now negotiate injurys into deals .

so why not draft him if he has a chance to be a x-factor or fully recover and live up to his upside I rather take him over anybody at 10. we have two picks we can risk the second one. sixers are going to suck regardless.

serge ibaka made some game changing plays against spurs , tim duncan is one of the main reason spurs just won, chris Anderson helped the heat so much they won 2 rings after they got him . I think he can be a x factor we don't have to exepect him to be a superstar because his injurys but if we get anyting out of him are if we get allstar talent out of him I would risk it for that. calculated risk for a player that was projected to go number 1-3.
nene was injured early in his career and had cancer hes a starter in the league today

man up and pull the trigger

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