sixers made the righ choice

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sixers made the righ choice

6'6 pg 6'11 pf/c 7'0 center

they have length and it seems as tho hinkie is using adavance stats and brett is focusing on development and bringing defensive players in.

looking like the spurs/ okc lite

building through draft last time their were two top picks who were shot blocking defensive bigs with offense/offensive potential paired together it was Duncan and Robinson. they might not be that but if their close(serge with a post game and larry sanders/noah with a set shot) that a be great.

also Dario saric there must be some great advance stats we don't know about that hinkie does and I think brett likes him as well high iq, offensive upside not the typically shoot and that's all euro prospect.
he also is a 6-10 sf who will play both sf and pf for the sixers as a sixth man good passer and is not scared to play defense.

brett brown confirmed what I thought most the duration of his contract will be spent rebuilding.

they will have a top draft pick 15,16 and maybe even 17 in a mid in 18. you don't need advance stats to see that they will come out with 1 or 2 great prospects who reach their potential from those drafts.

we didn't have the luck okc had yet but we will sooner then later and we will have a even greater staff once we finally build the team core. sixers are looking huge and seems like they don't want to fully commit to a super up temp team I think they want uptempo, half court versatility , and depth like the spurs.

the picks didn't blow anyone away like finally getting to see plain jane naked we all said "ehhhhhh? Alright we'll make it work." but at the end day it was a good and smart move to make in the long run.

we still have caproom and thad young we can pry some picks way from hou and take lin back for Jackson.

its not over yet I know im not the only one that's thinking wait the sixers might have something here. the underdogs

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I personally think Hinkie

I personally think Hinkie went into this draft with one goal in mind: To Stockpile talent. He didn't care one iota about team fit, or what kind of team he wanted to build. He would let Brown and coaching staff take care of that. His job is to stockpile talent. Well mission accomplished.

Last year Hinkie went into the draft with the idea of trading away most of the foundation of the team, and starting from the ground up. 2013 draft was not a great draft, and Hinkie knew that going in, so his goal that draft was to dismantle the team and get the assets (picks) he would need to do that. That was his goal because the 2014 draft was an exceptionally deep draft. (A draft which I believe Hinkie dreams of every year, and was drooling, salivating, making whatever kind of liquid secretions from the mouth at the talent available in this draft) Once he dismantled the team and got the picks he needed, he just focused on getting the best talent available and not worrying one bit about team fit. (After all you are still building from the ground up so it doesn't matter what talent you have just as long as its talent.) He did that by selecting MCW and Noel. Yeah, Noel didn't come over at all and this coming year will be his rookie season. But again, Hinkie didn't care about that, he just knew that Noel was the best (potential) talent available in the 2013 draft and wanted him at all costs. He did that by dismantleing the team (that was his goal in the end so it didn't make one bit of a difference) The surprising development of MCW was just that an added bonus. (and even more so that he was the ROY) So last year the goal was to dismantle the team, to get the assets(picks) that he needed in the great draft of 2014. That was done, this year was phase 2: Stock pile talent. Hinkie did that too. Let the coaching staff develop the team, he just focused on stockpiling talent what ever kind of talent it was.

Hopefully phase 3 of his rebuilding plan is to actually look at the team that is built by the coaching staff and what kind of team they want to build and then pick the players that best fit that system.

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2nd Round

They also got some real first round talent in the second round, people considered KJ and Grant as mid first rounders for much of the draft. If both can develop some sort of a jump shoot they will be huge steals in the draft and potential starters. Grant has the Thad Young small ball power forward potential that could be huge with both noel and embiid, or they could just go huge with grant as a 3 if he develops a jumper. I really think in 3 years we will be talking about how well Philly really did.

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While I don't

want to go through another season like this past one there's no doubt we'll be drek again. On the bright side, Hinkie is collecting assets: Noel, Embiid, Thad, Daniels, Grant, MCW, Saric. He's accomplished a lot in one year on the job.

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