Sixers Force Game 7!!!

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Sixers Force Game 7!!!

Big win for the Sixers who won this game at home in frony of the returning Allen Iverson...

Jrue Holiday has a 20 point game against Rondo and The Celtics, Iggy played great defense and hit two big free throws late, Brand really willed us to a victory IMO glad we had him today, Turner was solid again but he just needs to work on his jumper this summer, The Sixers ran the offense through Lavoy Allen at some points and he made the right decisions with the ball, Lou Williams also hit some big shots and had been a steady scorer/play maker...Boston is in trouble, they have let this young team stay around too long, Game 7 in Boston will be a huge hurdle for the Sixers to jump but they can do it if they continue to fight for 4 quarters, something Boston has yet to do this series IMO...

Pierce was huge again, he hit big shots including a 3 late and he's getting to the line a lot, Allen can't stay in front of Holiday/Turner or Williams, the Celtics are missing Bradley a lot, if they get him back it will help but Holiday is looking more and more confidant in his game, he is the Sixers star and he can win the match up against Rondo like he did tonight...

Go Sixers FTW...

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I love underdogs (I know

I love underdogs (I know there was only a 4 win difference, but Boston's experience has to mean something in the playoffs) but now that the Heat are winning their series, I find myself wanting the Celtics to win.

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That was tough, Bass was

That was tough, Bass was missing the sorts of shots you generally want him taking, Ray Allen was painfully slow defensively and this allowed Evan Turner to get his confidence up early.

We really missed Bradley in this game, he's the perfect guy to try to stop Lou Williams or Holiday, but all credit to the Sixers, they played a great game, executed down the stretch and played tenacious D.

Going to be an interesting game 7, I'm a Celtics fan so obviously I want Boston to win it, but I still think we have a much better chance of beating Miami than the Sixers do once Bosh is back and I'd love nothing more than a Spurs-Celtics Finals matchup.

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Great work by the 76ers, I'm

Great work by the 76ers, I'm not even sure who to pull for honestly. Hahahah I did notice this today though:

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I haven't worked Saterday night in a month, But I have to this week and Have to miss my 76ers in the biggest game in years. This is going to be stressful.

But honestly after that sad first half I didn't really see use comming out on fire in the second half. But they brought it. Hoiliday,Turner,Brand, Lou, and Iggy were huge. Iggy brought the energy in the dunks/Defence.

However game 7 in Boston is not going to be easy after how pissed KG, Pierce, Ray looked after the game. Rondo will never play this bad against us and we kinda got a break there, but Jrue/ET played very good D on him.

The best part of this series is the great coaches going at it, almost playing old school basketball. Doug Collins alway attempting to get the tempo going and pick/pop offence. Rivers running the offence with high picks that leads to penitration and open shots. But the main thing here is defence, no easy shoots are being put up. Its not the prettest basketball to watch just very appresiated Bball.

#ShowYaLuv Lets Gooooo Sixers

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Is Bradley playing game 7?

Is Bradley playing game 7?

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