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Sixers Fans

Whats your idea 2014-2015 line-up? Utilizing the draft and FA I'd like to see the following


SG-Lance Stephenson


PF-Thad Young


I'd like to see them scoop up Stephenson in FA, maybe A. Bradley if not him to fill SG hole. Then draft Wiggins or Parker with our first pick and then draft the best shooter available to come off the bench whether that be Gary Harris, Doug McDermont, or maybe a Nik Stauskas...only problem is that team most likely makes the playoffs in the &$#%#[email protected]! eastern conference and that may not be what management wants..not that fast atleast..thoughts?

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I love

Stephenson and like Bradley a lot but I think you're right, it's a year early especially with all those bigs likely to come out in 2015. I really hope they get Wiggins. Pick 10 is a bit expensive for Doug Mc. I see them taking a couple shooters in round 2, you're right, they definitely need a few players that can come off the bench and make some shots. I would be happy with BPA at pick 10 as long as it's not another PG.

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I think picking Wiggins with

I think picking Wiggins with our first pick then going for a shooter like Garry Harris, or James Young is the way to go. I don't think Lance Stephenson is necessary at this point because he takes the ball out of MCW's hands. I think we should stay the course, and back off signing any free agents until after the 2015 draft. Management knew this would be a full on rebuild and they are ready to stay patient.

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Although I'd prefer Parker if

Although I'd prefer Parker if they get him or Wiggins I'd go Gordon with their second pick. If they fall out of the top two I'd go Randle and pick either McDermott, Hood or LaVine. I'm hoping that a guy like CJ Fair falls into the second round. I think he'd be a great role player. I also think this draft will produce more NBA players in the second round than usual.

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I think they should go after

I think they should go after Bradley and next year go after butler and lock the sg position down with two of the top defenders and pair them with noel and the long mcw. Brett is a defensive coach and with ppl like George karl still able to be an assistant coache (turned arraon affalo from a role player to a solid starter) ..still on the market I think they need a lock down defender a 3 head Cerberus type of defense of tandem wether they get wiggins or parker this would be a good fit either way parker needs defender and wiggins boosts defense.

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I think that's a great idea,

I think that's a great idea, and you structured it so that we get to retain both our 1st round picks too. I'd personally take Parker and Stauskas, and with Lance Stephenson, CJ Fair, and Tony Wroten, you'd now have all the scoring you'd ever want. And who cares if we improve so much so as to make the playoffs next year. I, as a 30-year Sixers fan, am tired of the drought we've had since our last championship in '83 with Doc, Andrew Toney, Mo Cheeks, and Moses ! I want instant gratification, goddammit !! And, only such a lineup can give it to me !!!

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Harris / Lavine

Unfortunately I think 10 will be too high to take Lavine.

Before I was hoping Lavine would NOT have a stellar pre-draft workout so he'd drop to the Sixers.

Now I am hoping Hinkie has his eye on him and he blows away competition because athletically he is far superior to Harris. He has foundations to be a great player...what he needs is a better coach than Alford and someone who encourages him to take games over.

Although Harris would be a second rate weapon in the NBA (slightly better than Thabo Sefolosha, a Ron Harper type), I don't think he'd be a bad pick.

I think a lot depends on team chemistry.

With Wiggins you need a starter that can shoot. With Parker you need a defensive minded player.

With Wiggins I'd take Lavine. With Parker I think Harris would be a better fit, though I still think Lavine will be a better defender in the NBA with the right team.

With Parker I'd like to take Gordon, but that would be 3 guys (Parker, Thad Young, and Gordon), that can't defend a true 4, or a true 3.

Right now:

Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum, Randle, Vonleh, Smart are guaranteed to be gone by 10. Anyone after that its open season which way a team will go.

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Lavine - Telling


What I saw was anytime Lavine took a shot, the entire team would be off their feet because they knew how great a shooter he potentially is...every shot could go in. I still want him badly.

Adams also stayed in school because he knew he'd be picked after Lavine. Those two had a competition and Lavine was respectfully holding himself back.

Basically he already knew he was gonna be a possible lottery pick. Notice how quickly he declared for the draft and got the heck out of UCLA. That was a bad situation for him he never should've stuck was his dad's favorite team though. Kids gotta do whats best for themselves.

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I don't know how active the

I don't know how active the Sixers will be in free agency. But a pairing of Avery Bradley and MCW would be terrific defensively, and Bradley wouldn't need the ball in his hands a lot offensively. Those two with Noel would be a great defensive foundation.

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On paper, I'd love to have

On paper, I'd love to have Bradley, but because he's a restricted free agent, I don't like the idea of over paying for him. I think a 5 mill a season would be more than fair, but feel the clerics would match an offer such as that.

Id also look at Dario who is a gifted passer and ball handler for such a tall guy and think he will be good in Brett brown's system. I'd consider him with the pelicans pick. Other cheap role players I'd like to sign are Brandon rush, Xavier Henry and ekpe udoh. Won't have to break the bank for any of them but could very well be rotational players in the long term.

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