Sixers fans...

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Sixers fans...

I looked up Philly's stats because they were like the one team I havent heard anything about this year.

Statistically, Elton Brand looks like hes having an okay year. Does he seem like hes somewhat back? or is he just putting up mediocre numbers and still a disapointment?

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The sixers are a little

The sixers are a little fraustrating year they've played hard almost every game have the lead and just blow the game with like 2mins left. But elton brand is having a real nice year avg like 16 & 9 he lost like 20-25lbs n is in the best shape hes been in for atleast 5 to 7year. They are a work in process but doug collins is a very good coach and has them playing hard every nite.

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he's been solid

Of course it would be nice to get the usual 20-10 that we were predicting when we gave him that monster contract but its just good to see him contributing. He's been hitting his shots down low with a nice variety of mid-range jumpers/ turn around jumpers and certain games he seems like he's only shooting jumpers, but for the most part he's active and gets easy buckets. A lot of times when Iggy isn't doing much or Jrue can't get others involved, Collins just runs a play downlow and count on Brand to get the team back on track.

I personally thought that since he has been a solid contributor thus far, that a team who may need a low post presence to offer a trade and take a risk on him. He can be a solid 3rd option on a team trying to contend for a playoff spot. Teams like the Bucks, Pacers or maybe the Bobcats could use a player like him to help out but thats just my opinion.

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Brand has had a great year and is just one or two missed jumpers away from averaging 20 a game. He has shown a true dedication to the game and is a good leader for the young guys. The Sixers are still a go-to scorer and solid center away from having a legitimate team in the east.

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Since Jodie Meeks gets so

Since Jodie Meeks gets so much playing they start to look like an okay team. Kinda sux for Evan Turner. Elton Brand is playing well I expected that, but I also expected that the Sixers would compete for a playoff spot so yeha...

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