Sixers draft idea- post Embiid foot issue

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Sixers draft idea- post Embiid foot issue

So now that Embiid's draft stock is presumably something less than it was, it would only stand to reason that Wiggins and Parker are our concensus #1 and 2. Unless they trade the pick, if the Sixers are sitting at #3 I just don't see them biting on Embiid at this time. I'm starting to believe the Exum rumors could have some truth to them. The Sixers presumably have the most insight and the coach most familiar with Exum. That could certainly do wonders with getting him to reach his potential. Plus if he takes a little longer to develop, great we would probably end up with a better pick next year for our "troubles". Maybe we see about flipping MCW to Houston for Parsons in a sign and trade? Now we would have the wing we didn't get to draft. Then either take a SG at #10 or package it and trade up for one of the PF's. Then go after either Gordon Hayward or Ed Davis depending on the previous draft choice. We would be able to field a really young team, but with at least a few younger vets for some leadership. One more decent draft or free agency and we could have something worthwhile, right?

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