Sixers Draft

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Sixers Draft

Not the draft everyone was expecting from them. After a year of tanking shamelessly, Sixers fans were expecting somebody to come in and possibly become the face of the franchise this year. Instead, they ended up with Embiid and Saric. Saric won't play for them until 2016, and Embiid also will miss most, if not all, of this entire season. You Sixers fans won't be able to see a top pick come in and show flashes of how good the team might be in a few years. And that's ok. I love what they did on Thursday, and I give them an A+ for the draft.

The first reason I believe the Sixers did so well is because they drafted for value. Embiid was the best prospect in the draft, and they got him at #3. He doesn't really fit well with Noel, but for a team so depleted of talent, you pick first and ask questioins later. They'll make it work. And if they can't play on the court at the same time, Embiid is much better anyway, and Noel would be a really good backup. Noel will get his shot as a starter this year, as Embiid will be given all the time he needs to come back 100% healthy without feeling rushed.

Saric at #12 was also great value. I had him ranked 8th on my big board, the best available prospect at the time. According to several reports I've read, he was their guy at 10, but they picked Payton knowing the Magic would want to trade for him. They picked Payton without knowing a trade would get worked out. I'm not sure if the reports are true, but if they are, what a ballsy move. And it worked. They got the guy they wanted while picking up a first rounder and a second rounder in the process.

So to conclude my analysis of their first rounders, they picked the best talent available while picking up additional assets in the process. To top it all off, those two guys fit their rebuilding plan. I don't think they went into the draft hoping to get guys that wouldn't play this year, but they certainly were not unhappy picking them. By the time Saric comes over, they'll be a team looking to get into the playoffs.

They also did a great job with their second rounders. For months we speculated that they would maybe try to package multiple second rounders for a first rounder or pick a ton of international guys, because they couldn't possibly bring in so many rookies. Then we watched them keep on drafting guys that are going to try to make the team next year. And the more I think about what they did, the more it makes sense, and the more genius I think it is. Most second rounders don't stick in the league, so by getting so many guys, they dramatically increased their chance of getting someone who will make it and be a main piece in their rebuilding process. Their only mistake I think was selling Cory Jefferson, because it seems counterproductive. But still, McDaniels, Grant, Pierre Jackson, and McRae will all come in hungry for a roster spot this season. I also loved the Micic pick at #52; I had him ranked 30th on my big board.

Again, they got great value in the second round. To me, McDaniels was clearly a first round talent and a total steal. He'll probably be their starting SF from day one and carve out a nice career. They took Grant lower than he should have gone, and I already mentioned Micic. Trading the 47th pick for Jackson was also great value. He torched the D-League last year and is more ready than most rookies.

I know there are a lot of Sixers fans that post here, and sometimes I get annoyed by how often we talk about their team, but I felt I needed to mention what a great job they did. They have a clear plan with their rebuilding process, and during the draft they executed their plan to perfection. Kudos to the Sixers.

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As a pelicans fan I feel we

As a pelicans fan I feel we won the trade after seeing the picks

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Let see how Noel does first.

Let see how Noel does first.

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Tough call. Holiday for

Tough call. Holiday for Noel(#1 prospect in 2013), Saric(Clear Top 10 prospect this year except for the staying in Europe), and a future 1st rounder plus a 2nd rounder(by moving down from 10 to 12). That's quite a haul for a team, plus the money the Sixers are saving and the Pelicans are adding does have an impact as well.

Personally I prefer what the Sixers got as I don't see Holiday as a true All Star, but you can't judge this trade for a while.

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Lotto teams shouldn't stash talent

in the lottery... That makes 0 sense... I actually like the Joel Embiid pick as long as they added another player that would have immediate impact... They didn't... We are seeing countless posts of people congratulating the 76ers for this draft even though we won't see how they did for at least 2 years when these guys will be rookies? How is that an A+? Their team stayed stagnant for the near future... How can people call them a future playoff team? In fact, all I hear about is the potential for this team to be great, no one talks about the floor... Something that should be discussed more often since they were the second worse team last year.

What exactly do we know about the 76ers today? They have PG that was able to put up numbers on a terrible team... Not efficient at all... They have a 6-11, thin as a rail athletic freak coming back from ACL surgery... A guy that is unable to do anything without that elite level athleticism... Then they have a 7 foot rookie, who has been hit with 2 damn near season ending injuries and looks as if he will be gone all year... They also stashed a player overseas for 2 years... The rest of the roster is Tony Wroten and full of D-leaguers... What if Noel isn't good as advertised? And Joel Embiid won't fully recover from all his injures until year 4 (which take big men that long to recover from that foot injury)?

Just like you guys can spat hypothetical "what ifs" FOR their draft, so can I against it... The beauty of it is, we won't know for at least 2 years... No wait... 3 because Embiid and Saric might be rookies 2 years from now... This is a 4-5 year plan... I don't see the 76ers being a decent playoff team until then, so how is this an A+ draft? I like the draft grades this site posted... The 76ers draft is both an A+ and an F- if it works out or doesn't... I just gave them a C or an I... Because it's clearly incomplete..

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If it blows up

Then the Sixers just keep on being bad and having a shot at the number one pick until they find a few that work. The Sixers are going to have a chance at a top pick next year and most likely the next year after that. They will be loaded with serious talent. Being a middling team in the NBA is the absolute worst place to be. If you are either squeeking into the playoffs or barely missing the playoffs you are in nba purgatory. There is no hope unless you strike gold in free agency or via trade. Those two things are very hard to predict. You can't bank on getting a superstar in free agency unless you are in an elite market, you have a much better chance at finding superstars and all stars in the top of the draft. The Sixers are kicking back collecting lottery tickets with the odds that a few of them will pan out.

The beauty of it is that the Sixers don't even want to win for years, they are being patient. I love it. Hinkie is a genius, an innovator. If I was a Sixers fan going through the dreadful first and second round exits in the playoffs I would have hated that. They knew that Thad Young, Jrue Holiday, Spencer Hawes, and Iggy were just not going to get it done. Did anyone think that those Sixers really had a chance at the NBA championship? It's really a horrible place to be, there is no hope in where they were. They would keep recieving middle of the road picks. The Sixers will hit on some of these picks eventually and they will reap the rewards after. And just as every fan base does when a team starts winning again, they will come back in packs. A patient fan is rare but I am sure some of them have to be out there for the Sixers. I'd actually really enjoy Sixers games if I was a fan right now because you know that you have good leadership in your favor.

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I like what

the Sixers did but their draft has to be rated an incomplete. It really could turn into an A or an F, time will tell, lots of time.

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As a hard core Sixers fan,

As a hard core Sixers fan, I'm was really disappointed in the Saric pick until they turned it around in the 2nd round and drafted some of my favorite players in McDaniels, Mcrae, Jerami, PJ, Micic, and giving some of my favorite undrafted players named Melvin Ejim and Jakkar Sampson a chance to prove themselves through the Summer League. The future does look bright for this young team, after all.

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Seems as if they will havea

Seems as if they will havea top 4 pick for sure next year. So a few more lottery picks that arent as risky would be more ideal. There are a lot of what ifs about this team and we wont know if these picks and deals will pay off for another 3 to 4 years. They can hold on to MCW and Wroten. Saric will only be better when he eventually does come over. IF Noel and Embiid pan out then that has the potential to be a great frontcourt.

MCW, Wroten


Noel, Embiid

Add in 2015 and 2016 lottery picks and some other pieces and this could be a great team in 5 years. It could also be a total bust. Only time will tell for the Sixers.

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I think the sixers did great

I think the sixers did great im in love with saric I wrote a lot but it got erased some how so let me some it up

6-10 Viking from Croatia have you guys seen him play ? I mean extensive footage ? If he improves his body shot and handle he will be something in this league. I heard his dad is a strongman(google it) somewhere around 7 feet 300-400 pounds and a riot police officer and you see it in Saric hes so tough and aggressive he remind me of an American player .
I was watching the cross overs and separation moves he got im thinkin that's not euro style.

I feel as tho he can pass expectation with a little improvement like a jumper or better handle can be a bigger better badder hedo with defense .

this was a gift from hinkie to brett brown.

kcj average 3.5+ blocks in college per 40. lets say he gets 1 or 2 in the league

kcj 1 or 2 blocks noel 2 to 3 blocks joel 2 to 3 blocks

just those 3 alone could take away a potential 16 points a night in blocked shots.

that's crazy just those 3 not even the whole team. mind you they can add another player who can come in like a chris Anderson and block and get rebound.
if everyone pans out even kcj this could be one hell of a team also saric isn't a slouch on d as it seem either.
mcw is in play also.

I wasn't blow away at first but I like what we did.

and as said add 2015 ,2016 top half of the lottery picks and we would have one of the best young cores in the league.

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I think saric can be top 5

I think saric can be top 5 from this draft yes I do he shows to many good translatable skills after watching hedo play a major part on an Orlando magic team after watching the spurs this season you start to think ok I can see him working out.

he reminds me of a couple ppl hedo,danilo, but his defensive effort, hustle,energy, toughness separate him a lot hedo stop caring about basketball after a while danilo stayed hurt and seems like he never got better hes everything they could have been but doesn't have the shot yet but staying overseas and then coming to a more stable sixer program in two years can be great. some ppl say hes a 3 not a 4 but I think if he adds some nikola (angry bird ) pek type of strength and bulk he can play either seamlessly because hes a bully not to mean euro wings or even American wings like to bully and get nasty on the perimeter or inside. we have seen diaw add bulk and still be able to play LeBron up then hold his own inside somewhat.

I think having more then one coach is a good thing you learn. I think he stayed for financial reasons.... but we have to look at the good in it.

I like the Saric pick and I like the embiid hinkie said he has history with this kind of injury being around yao looking at yaos medicals comparing him to joel staying up late conference calls with a multitude of the top surgeons in the world .
I think he wouldn't take the pick if the odds didn't weigh more to him being able to recover so I believe in him plus he got our pick back from the magic so im guessing hes trying be in the playoffs around 2018 ,2019.

the plan is layed with have strong foundation in size and defense already being established the thing is we still haven't drafted our immediate game changer yet we still have yet to get our (kd,lebron,ant davis,melo,harden,drummond) type of draft pick that will come in and have superstar writing over him like wiggins and parker had. we have 15,16,17 to luck up before hinkie gets the plugged pulled.

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A+ But the Score Could Drop Big Time

On paper, Philly did a fabulous job of drafting players, probably better than any other team. I give their GM a lot of credit for his choices. However, one must raise the caution flag because there are some possible pitfalls in their selections. Let's examine some of the negative possibilities.

  • Noel may not be 100% healthy and/or with his ultra thin frame, he may not be able to handle the Center postion while Embid is recovering.
  • J. Embid might become Greg Oden Part II
  • D. Saric may not blossom into the player everyone thinks he can be or he might stay in Europe longer than anticipated.

On the other hand, I think they got a steal with Micic at pick number 52. What were those other teams thinking by passing on him throughout the 2nd round? In the end, if Noel and Embid fully recover from their injuries and Saric comes over in a year or two, Philly might become a powerhouse in the East. But if Embid becomes the next Greg Oden, all bets are off and we might have to drastically lower their A+ grade.

I'm hoping everyone fully recovers from their injuries and Philly becomes a title contender.

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