Sixers beat Bulls, Start season 3-0

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Sixers beat Bulls, Start season 3-0

Who said this team was tanking???

Michael Carter Williams and Evan Turner lead the upstart 76ers to a surprising 3-0 start to the 2013/2014 season

All I can say is wow, I didn't expect this but I always felt Evan Turner, Thad Young and Spencer Hawes had a lot of talent, Carter Williams is becoming a revelation at Pg and Tony Wroten has also provided a spark off the bench, imagine this team with a healthy Nelens Noel and a few prospects in the 2014 draft!!!

I know this can't hold up over 82 games, but the MCW/E.T backcourt has been awesome, I am getting very exited for this team going forward...

What are your thoughts???

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its tooooooo early

It's only 3 games, lets check back in about 39 games and we will probably have better picture. Gotta say though MCW looks legit very early on.

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When I've seen the Sixers

When I've seen the Sixers play this year I'm thinking I must be high or something. MCW looks like a franchise player, Turner is scoring consistently and Young hit 3 out of 4 3PTs tonight. Never would have guessed that in a million years. Go figure. Kudos to Coach Brown for lighting a fire under them to start the season.

Turner seems to play better when he is looked upon as a leader of a team......remember he really took off at OSU when he was the alpha dog. Maybe a keeper for them.

Hawes has a tendency to go thru hot and cold times so a larger sample size this season is needed to evaluate him going forward. Young could get them a mid 1st rounder if their interested in dealing him....almost decent contract, young(ish) and talented.

Won't make the playoffs obviously but they look like they don't want to be the cellar dweller in the East either. Let's see what happens. If I'm issuing a correction to that guess after 20 games then I'm checking myself into a psychiatric ward.

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MCW is playing better than

MCW is playing better than JRue right now and looks to be the better prospect. Philly hit New Orleans with the okie doke. Holiday was not worth as much as they got to them but the still manage to get a top pick and I believe another future top pick.

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Lol imagine if they went like

Lol imagine if they went like 11-3. Next thing you know sixers management gonna start making up injuries. The stat sheet is gonna say "Turner -DNP- TANK"

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Any concerns about MCW's

Any concerns about MCW's jumpshot have been put on ice for these first 3 games, his jump shot has looked smooth, doesnt have that nasty hitch it had last year at Syracuse anymore, hopefully the small sample size of these past 3 games hold up over the season and he can keep defences honest.

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What can I say......they play

What can I say......they play pretty damn good for an underrated team. I think they have a lot to look up to in the coming years with MCW, Noel, probably a lottery pick, and maybe they can strike up some free agency frenzy this summer if they keep winning. No reason to tank at all this season!

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